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  1. NoMoneyToPlease

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    I used to enjoy a lovely morning walk as part of my whenever routine.
    However,lately there has been an early morning crime spike on all three of my preferred routes.
    Route "A" has produced a violent car park robbery,courtesy of a mystery duo.Route "B" has been host to an unprovoked double stabbing by a lone youth and route "C" was the venue for a plain old merciless beating conducted by another mystery duo.
    Two's company,three's a crime.
    One boy on his own can act with venomous alacrity.

    The fact that all these acts against the law took place between the hours of 6am to 8am is shocking to me.I hope it is shocking to all of you.
    Some of you may have noticed my mood has turned a bit tardy of late,this is partly the reason.
    I did so used to enjoy my twilight walks,the joy of animal watching was a boon to my well being,but at some point the ratio of spotting junkie groupings over animal life tipped the scale down into the negative.
    The digestion of their presence became intolerable to me and my constitution was not up to coping with this diet of event desolation and interactive disappointment.
    It is not as enjoyable an experience being menaced by group of desperate slaves to the fix, as say, happenchancing upon a Duck or an Owl or a Pussycat.
    I miss talking to the Pussycats most of all.Those feline darlings do convey the most unintelligible yet entertaining tiny tales to the ears of a weary traveler.
    I would often bump into one on the way back from the all night garage.
    Maybe they were attracted by the smell of chocolate.

    Thank you for reading and may you yourself be blessed with the near evangelical calm of a Sunday in Autumn.

    I only rambled because I can't ramble no more. ;)
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  2. Sadeyes

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    Is there someone you can walk with so that you feel safer? I used to walk with a friend around 5:30 AM every other morning just for that reason...hope you can find either another time, or another route...J
  3. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    Sadly no-one shares my appetite for early morning cat stories.

    I will find a happy medium. :)

    How is your dancing coming on? :Leiaha:
  4. WildCherry

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    I know the feeling. I had to change the route I took once because my dog and I were attacked by a Pit Bull, then again because there was a shooting on the second route I took. I'm running out of options, and as much as I love going for walks, I'm not able to do it much anymore. I really hope you're able to find something.
  5. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    Thank you,I hope you also get your walks back. :)
  6. Viro

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    I, myself, was once attacked by a giant pack of dogs being walked by a guy I knew from school. He never even acknowledged it, afterwards. This was at 7 AM, when I was walking to summer school. While it's not as bad as a shooting, it makes you nervous every time you pass by.
  7. NoMoneyToPlease

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    I hope this horrid mans dogs did not bite you,how awful for you to have to endure such an attack while "he with the power" stood there saying or doing absolutely nothing about it.
    If you ever get the nerve up,tell him I think that he is a fucking prick.

    You could also let him know that I think his mother must be a man in drag,that's only the reason he could have been brought up so wrong.