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Most loved moving to different country :'(

My girlfriend is moving to france soon and no one wants her to go :'(

She is the only thing of why I have committed suicide yet and when she goes it will be so painful. Do you think I should beg her parents to stay?

She's the most beautiful person ever and I think the world of her. She's the only thing that keeps me happy.

What can I do? I have to cry myself to sleep as all I can think of is her :'(

total eclipse

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You should support her and be happy for her decisions can you visit with her on occasion or will she come home for holidays. It is hard seeing someone leave but you need to know where things stand between you and her before she leaves hugs


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brother i know how your feeling, ive served overseas in many tours for the army, and its hard to leave my family behind, i love them to death and i know they support me and that i love my job :)
be happy for her and if you do love her, youd want her to be happy. its not easy but its the right thing to do. i stay in contact with my family over skype etc maybe you cando the same thing.

may i ask why shes going to france? job?

i hope you the best

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