Mother Mary and The Pole

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Matthew Barber, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. Matthew Barber

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    I'll admit, I have accepted that this has happened, but I thought I may put it out there, because blurting seems to help nowadays.

    So then let's begin.

    It was a beautiful sunny day, young Matthew had just walked to school with Shrek (don't ask) and was now standing in front of the school. Now, Matthew went to a Catholic School, having been brought up with a religious background that he was very proud of. He thirsted for knowledge of religion and human thought, and the ideals of the Catholic god intrigued him (of course, that pursuit is a very different story).

    So, curious little Matthew was standing out the front of the Church that morning before school, marveling at the size and craftsmanship of a statue of the virgin Mary (because apparently we were making a Christian movement or something? I don't know, religion in my country is pretty disorganised), when he heard a voice behind him.

    Long story short, older kid caught me outside school, accused me of perving at Mary, then forced me to grind a fence pole for half an hour, yelling obscene things, while he recorded me crying.

    His punishment? Sorry letter.

    I know him today, and I reminded him of what happened. He just laughed.
  2. Inspire&Inquire

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    What an asshole. Screw that guy, don't worry though, if your catholic god exists that guy is going to die of ass cancer.
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