Mother may you?

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  1. SaidDave

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    Mother may you please breathe for me again
    Father bends over backwards for no one
    Viewing backwards frame by frame
    Reading every second ticking as every second passes

    Dreaming is safe within the confines of this womb

    Hypothesis that this isn't all that's happened
    Hands have been dealt but you can't see them all
    I want to switch seats with that familiar figure
    He tells me that he's no reflection yet not a ghost

    Possibilities have been passed by the father

    No alternatives can be foreseen
    True intentions fail to be unsheathed
    Held down by the father
    Trapped in the unconceivable

    Streams flowing side by side and day by day

    Stuck in an illusion of reality
    Ringing the bells that drag me into the ground
    You toy with the idea of meeting the hooded woman
    Walking side by side passing time
  2. total eclipse

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    very intriguing read well written
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