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    A bloated gut,
    the sky swells,
    to a green and purple bruise.

    A rumble in the acid,
    threatens to vomit
    onto the passive earth.

    Sight fails
    in the static blur.
    The air, it
    clashes, rips, tears.

    A leak forms,
    a rupture,
    spilling gelatenous fluid
    pooling in a mound of pain,
    burning, scarring.

    The ground cracks,
    the guts drizzling,
    seep in.
    It heals shut,
    trapped underground.

    Little rivers find ways
    to trickle out
    of the scabby earth.

    Streams of pain join
    the great rivers and oceans.
    They muddy the firm ground,
    streaming, struggling,
    creating my labored footsteps.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.