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Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by troubledprincess, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. troubledprincess

    troubledprincess Well-Known Member

    why dose my mum have to always but me down and is so horrible to me one min she is all nice and how a mum is ment to be then the is so nasty telling me to go and kill myself.
    i was in hospital the last few days first day she was nice and caring the next day she was like its a shame u did not die thanks mum thats really nice to hear i wish she could be like a normal mum and love me and not put me down
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Hugs to you i am so sorry your mother said that to you
  3. Twocky61

    Twocky61 Banned Member

  4. Cat of Spades

    Cat of Spades Well-Known Member

    If you want a true answer to this question you will have to ask your mother directly; but if I can play detective for a sec, I would hypothesize that this is a case of transference, she is having a bad time in life and she uses you to vent her rage and frustration. This is very unfair because you don't seem like the kind of guy that really deserves it.

    I assure you that your mother does love you, but she does not know how to express herself and she certainly does not know that she is hurting you. If she does, then she has some severe issues that need to be addressed... unfortunately there is nothing you can do to help her if she is not willing to help herself, be strong and loving but don't let her walk all over you... if you need to talk to someone don't forget that there are many people in this forum willing to hear your story without judgement.
  5. scaryforest

    scaryforest Banned Member

    from info given i think the: shame you didn't die was frustration
    and not from the heart

    how are you feeling now?
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