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  1. Being with my mother just drains me emotionally so much. I can't even be around her for a few minutes without her saying something to set me off. Today I decided to wear shorts. It was hot. My leg is covered in scars, but they are all old. And hey, they are never going to go away, so why can't I just wear shorts now? So my mother asked me to go to the store with her. And so I did. And then she realized I was wearing shorts. And then she started crying and she was like, "Do you know how EMBARRASSING that is for me? I'm taking you home, out some pants on." Its like she's ashamed of me. God I hate her so much.
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    hey Sharksinthemoat, moms eh. lets flip it, maybe she is not ashamed of you but herself. why you ask, well maybe she feels bad that she couldnt prevent you hurting yourself or didnt realise how badly you felt to do it, sometimes things are not as they seem, maybe she doesnt want to explain to people that might question her when you are not around about where your scars came from, maybe she doesnt understand, maybe she is hurting too. sometimes people react badly out of confusion and self doubt.

    just trying to give you another way to look at it, on the assumption that apart from your scars, you have a reasonable relationship with your mom as nothing in your post suggests that she is the mom from hell.

    keep posting
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    My mum can be very much like that, too. She says the most nasty things that really hurt and acts like she's the one that's been 'victimised', so to speak.
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