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  1. Ed.

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    Well. I over exageration (note. I am a f**ing moron and cannot spell why dont you know this now? with your judemental eyes.)

    I'm so tight, so anger, so rage, so stuck, so sticky, so trapped inside my skin and i NEED. NEED. NEED. to cut i open and bleed everywhere and then inflict my wrath upon every m**erfucker in this house who I have to tip-toe around to be quite and be NORMAL YES NORMAL HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH F**ING NORMAL THEY SAY.

    ARRRRGHGHGHGHGHHGHG. Such rage through my flesh it is unbareable.

    I was at the pub. the pub. there was this SLUT staring at me I wanted here I wanted her body but I could not have it even if I wanted it my own body, weak, pathetic, could not have her, the brain-dead flesh that laid before my eyes could not be mine in any scenario. But it's the f**kheads surrounding her that enrage me such rage igorant thick c**ts everywhere.

    I NEED TO BURN AND OPEN. I can't control me =( help =(


    I went to the doctors the other week, cos i "can't sleep" f**k that, I know why i cant sleep, I dont want tomorrow to f**kin come thats why i cant f**king sleep.

    anyways, they gave me a "are you depressed?" questionaire.....


    "Circle the most appropriate answer."
    "Little interest or pleasure in doing things."
    Nearly everyday.

    "Feeling down, depressed or hopeless?"
    everyfcuking day.

    "Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, sleeping toomuch"

    "feelingtiredorhaving little energy"

    "poor appetite or overeating"

    "Feeling bad about yourself, feeling ou are a failrure, feeling you have let your family down"
    Yes, stop it ='(

    "trouble consentrating on things such as reading or watching blah blah?"

    "moving or speaking so slowlys or asfdhklnklfdsnkdsnkofd FUCERmkdlbfnasiogieo;"

    "thinking you'd be better off dead or want to hurt yourself?"
    dead, no. pointless. hurt? fuck yes please, and others om nom nom.

    fuck you questionaire. and yes "circle if above has made life difficult etc etc etc " WHAT LIFE>!>?!>!?!@IOPndx bfngsliug

    Go die questionaire.

    Also p.s. im not a homicidal crazy guy, im just hungry atm. also love <3

    anyways what was this post about? rage.
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    Woah. I just wanted to say, I had that exact same questionnaire given to me when I went to the doctors regarding my depression and other such issues two weeks ago. It kinda threw me too. The doctor coulda just asked those things anyway. There was just no need for it.
  3. WildCherry

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    Wow. Just wanted you to know I read your post, if there's anything I can do or you need to vent, you can PM me.
  4. Viro

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    I understand everything you have written perfectly.
  5. sinnssykdom

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    I had the same questionnaire randomly when i was switching meds. To be perfectly honest i found it quite pointless. I have to do them every few months which is pretty dumb IMO but whatever.

    I'm sorry your angry, i'm here if you ever need to chat or whatever and i understand.