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mothers day on sunday

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fucken hell , every fucken year i deal with this day ... it kills me that much more every year ... i miss my boy like no one could imgaine , the pain of lossing ur child b4 they even make it into the world its horrible , and to know that it was partly my fault as it was ... FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK im so angry and messed up one min im crying next im punching shit , next i have a smile on my face and everythings "fine" god i miss u boy ... Jaysen i love u wee man :cry:


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:hug: Give yourself time to grieve... it's difficult to do, but so worth it to let it out. You don't have to be strong all the time Esther. Just let it out.


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I'm so sorry esther...I understand you will be in a lot of pain.
and I understand the roller coaster of emotions ..and yes the guilt!

mothers day is a reminder for some of us of the children we've lost..
I for one will be glad when it's over..*hugs*


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hugs for you esther xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Im so sorry about how you are feeling right now ..you arent alone hun it never goes away i know (we lost lil girl 31 weeks) he will always be yours hugs from another sad mommy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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so sorry for you loss...but mothers day is also hard for those that lost mothers....bad day for many.

try and put your guilt aside (and you may be the only one that feels guilt) and remember him with happiness. whatever happened, he wouldnt want his mom to feel like this...dont do it for you do it for him..light a candle, shed a tear and be happy for the time you had...try not to beat yourself up.. :console:


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god i hate mothers day(today).....just dredges shit up

mums crying all over the shop for different reasons

kinda annoys me because we have nothing to occupy ourselves........complete boredom........:sigh:
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