Mothers Day

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    It's Mothers Day today
    To show your Mum and to say
    "Thankyou for bringing me up
    Until I grew up
    For every night and day"

    So wake her up with breakfast in bed
    While Dad is relaxing in his shed
    Then tell Dad to get the dinner on
    Away from the football come on
    Remember her the day they were wed

    After dinner Dad & you wash up
    While Mum watches the tennis cup
    Don't forget to keep her topped up with gin & tea
    Checking on her often to see
    Whats up

    By the time evening comes
    After a country pub run
    Tuck her up in bed
    Dad can go back to his shed
    And say "I love you Mum"


    to all you Mums out there
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.