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mothers day

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is anybody else dreading mothers day???

i love my mum more than anything in the world. its the fact that my family is falling apart that im worried about. i dont think my mum can take much more.

my brother is a drug dealer. we never see him anymore (even though he still lives at home). he has no future. he looks as though he is dying. and he wont let anybody help him.

my sister has crabs. she is 13. im sure its very satisfying for my mother to know her daughter lost her virginity on a park bench to some wanker who gave her crabs at the age of 13.

my dad is getting ill again with all the stress (he has a life-threatening stress realted disease).

i dont know what to do. why did this happen to us? my mum doesnt deserve this. im worried shes might commit suicide. i dont know what i'd do without her. she thinks this is all her fault. but it isn't. its our fault we're so messed up. not hers.

please somebody tell me its gonna be ok.


My family fell apart more then it was already broken last year. I know what a pressure this is to see things happen and feeling scared for the people in it. I'm sorry you're having to go through this.

I'd recommend talking to your mother as much as possible and encouraging her to see a counsellor. If you are scared she will commit suicide, then perhaps talking to your local GP will help (maybe taking her to the GP with you). It does sound like a very stressful, very complicated situation for everyone involved.

I did learn last year that there's only so much you can do though.

My thoughts are with you. :hug: I know how painful this can be.

P.S How old are you? If you're in the UK and under 18 and in touch with CAMHS, you may get referral to family therapy- if your dad, mother and sister and you are willing?
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I just seen this post and paniced thinking I forgot Mothers Day and it was coming up ... then I remembered we sorted mothers day like 3 days ago and I planned ahead.

I must be going mad.
thank u letdown.

ive been trying to talk to my mum as much as possible. she seems fine now. but that just makes me think shes hiding how she really feels :S

yes i am in the UK and under 18 but ive never heard of CAMHS. what is it?

Lady E

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oh man sweetie, that is a lot of stress for anyone including you.

If I'm not mistaken CAMHS stands for Child and Adolescent mental health services. Like letdown said it is definitely worth a shot if your parents are willing and it kinda sounds like your sister could use some help too.
Your brother on the other hand sounds like he needs an intervention of sorts a "get off drugs or get out" as hard as that is for your family to do it needs to be done eventually because nobody needs or deserves the added stress.

I hope you are alright.
my sister is getting anger management therapy now. i personally dont think that is what she needs. but i suppose a little help is better than no help.

so things were looking up....for about a day.

we think shes pregnant. what the hell am i supposed 2 do? she has 2 have an abortion. shes 13 for gods sake. im so ashamaed of her. and its really getting me down because i dont want 2 be ashamed of my own sister.

please let everything get better.
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