Mother's Reflection on Suicide author:Letizia Grasso

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  1. roxanne-lee

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    The end
    No more pain
    No more joy
    No more tears
    No more smiles
    No more anxieties
    No more satisfactions
    No pressure to achieve
    No more achievements
    No more hatred
    No more love
    No more dark nights
    No more splendid sunrises
    No more frustrations
    No more accomplishments
    No more angry words
    No more terms of endearment
    and amputation
    that you imagined as a clean surgical cut
    but instead
    is a bloody, jagged me that won't heal
    and soils everyone you ever cared about
    and cared about you.

    We are left, puzzled, bloodied, wounded
    No longer vibrant , whole confident
    Now we go forth handicapped, missing an essential limb,
    that will never be replaced
    and always longed for.
    Your legacy,
    sorrow, betrayal, anger, guilt.
    An ignoble reciprocation
    of so much love
    You should have chosen
    to stay,
    disappoint me
    and keep streching the narrow confines
    of my perimeter.

    Instead you are gone
    I am stagnant, in stupor
    I view my world and fear to face
    the agonizing beauty and pain of life
    I think of joining you
    and realize you took the best part of me
    with you.

    In this zombie state,
    I wander
    in the shadow world
    The atrium of death
    where I must decide which exit
    left or right,
    left into cold night
    right into the endless struggle
    and bloody battles of life.

    No longer equipped for the fight,
    I curl up in this atrium
    and lick my wounds that will not heal
    and look inside
    to find purpose
    to reinvent my life
    to reinvest my energies
    to find my courage
    that will allow me to foolishly
    continue with this life.

    No longer whole,
    No longer young
    a shadowy remnant
    of my old self

    I set out
    to continue alone.
  2. sudut

    sudut Well-Known Member

    i feel you
  3. Blackness

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    gave me shivers up my spine :(
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