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    Can anyone give me advice on how to get motivated? I have recently been neglecting my school work and cant help be feel tired all the time. I am looking to deal with this in a healthy manor. My recent plan of just massive caffiene intake isnt working anymore and i just sleep through....well....everything. any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I've been there as well when i was in high school. Sleep is important, and make sure you get enough of it. To sleep i used the 4-7-8 methode, and trust me, after a couple of days, or weeks, it really works. Stop drinking coffe, altogether, caffein stops working when your body gets used to the intake. After a while, you can begin to use it again, but only once in a while.
    When i got tired, i would do a little exercise. Not anything big, sometimes just rolling my head around, streaching out, anything to get the blod flowing.
    The motivationg part is tricky. You need to find something personal, you need or want. I motivated myself by wanting to stay in my class, because i wanted to stay close to my friend. I also wanted to finish school, and i wanted to "win" this.

    My physics teacher told my class something i still remember to this day. When you are doing exams, and other things like that, in high school, college or university, your stress level is one of the biggest peaks in your life. It's hard, but this knowledge helped me through, because if i can get through it, then i'm strong, stronger then i thought i was. When you get through this, remember that you did this, and remember that you are strong!
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    I see this was posted 2 weeks ago? Did you get anything sorted out
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    I'm not sure what you should do, but I can relate because I have struggled with that too (still do).
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    Ha no. I am also being made aware of personality changes i did not know took place. Ie anti social, arrogant, angry. Not sure what is going on.
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    Finding motivation is hard, especially when all your resources are depleted.
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    What times of day are you sleeping and usually how long?
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    My sleep schedule is all jacked up. Im always too tired throughout the day and too awake at night. I sleep as much at 18 hrs a day if i dont force myseld awake. I go to school and work whatever shifts i can pick up at the hospital.

    Normally during the school week i get 7-9 hours a night but its not enough. I have to drink pots of coffee to stay awake or else i end up passing out at lunch or as soon as i get home.
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    18 hrs is a long time to sleep in a day. have you seen someone about it? have they given any suggestions?