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Move home. Or not.

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by darkplace, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. darkplace

    darkplace Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what you guys would do if you where faced with this situation.
    I lived in one place all my life. My mates and family where there. I moved cities three weeks ago. I moved becasue i was in love. Long distance relationship. We ended things because we where so far apart and we where both sad. I was determinedt o move closer so we could try it again. I moved and now. Well. I met him afew times. He says he needs to think. That he feels guilty that i moved just for him. And he doesnt know if he wants a relationship. Hes the closed off type of person. But we had a good few months together even though we only saw each other every other weekend. I do love him. Still. He just doent love me. We havent spoken in 4 days. He needs time to think. I feel like such a fool to have moved for him. I wish i hadnt. I left my life behind in search of a dream. Instead i have a shit job, no bf and nofamily a few friends here but that s it.
    Now i dont know weather to move back home and pick up where i left off or to stay here in this new city and develope myself more here.
    But also. in addition to all this i feel like i will never really accomplish anything with my life. ive studied alevels but didnt go to uni. therefore i cant hope for a promising career in anything. i feel like ive disapointed my dad and i ll disapoint him even more if i move home. I just dont know what to do.
    What would you guys do if it was your life?
    Would you move home or would you stick it out here for a bit longer?
    Thanks for reading.
  2. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    It depends, do you have the potential to find a better job?? Is there work back home in a feild you would be interested in?? If not then I would stay a while longer. Even if it doesn't work out with your friend you would have a better chance of finding Mr. Right in a larger city.. I don't think you would find that in a small town unless you are interested in someone you went to school with..You have already made the move so why not stick it out for yourself.. You said you have already made some friends..
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    I think you should not fault yourself for chasing a dream...we should never have the feeling, "if I had only ____" and you were brave enough to try to get what you wanted...unfortunately, the person you were with did not have what it takes to be in a real, sustained relationship...not your fault...if you think it is worth it, stay a little longer...if not, go back home and start again...best of luck, J
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