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    I’ve got to be honest,
    at the least with myself.
    I don’t miss you.
    Not precisely.
    I miss something that was
    and no longer is.
    A time past
    with people that have changed
    or perhaps never were
    what I made them out to be
    in the first place.
    Or maybe I’ve just changed.
    Inevitable as can be.
    Time runs its course
    and we run and morph
    as we move with it.
    I am not exactly the same,
    the time is different.
    Move on.
    We don’t have to move apart
    but we have to move on
    or risk being torn apart,
    into pieces of something that was good
    and is become ugly as sin
    and ripe for sorrow.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.