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Movie Recommendation....

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I went and saw "Horrible Bosses" just now at the cinema.

I have to give it the highest possible score available, in the class of stupid funny no-brainer/no worries movies.

It is worth the price of admission.


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I really want to see it, I love It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Arrested Development so the cast is really appealing.

Now, if only I could find someone to go with :unsure:


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I liked it as well, it was pretty funny, I wamt to go see Cowboys & Aliens or Crazy, Stupid, Love tomorrow...thet look good as well


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I'm not usually that big on going to see comedies in the theater for some reason. I rarely even see movies in the theater at all. I will probably see this once its out on DVD though.
The deer hunter,Robert de Nero,meryl streep. Set amid the backdrop of the Vietnam war this film shows the impact on a small steel working town when their lives are torn apart by war. Awesome film with great acting 10/10
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