movie star game lets tak a break

Discussion in 'The Gameroom' started by allofme, Aug 27, 2004.

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  1. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    how to play
    I type a name the next person then thinks of a star -deat or alive - whos first name begins with the first letter of the last name of the one before
    so I will get us started

    Julia Roberts
  2. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni


    Richard Dryfess
  3. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni


    Danny Glover

    ok now you go your letter is G
  4. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    I spent ages last night trying to think of one starting with G.. gave up.. but I woke up this morning thinking "Oooh George Clooney"!

    So there you go, George Clooney.. now your go starting with C :D
  5. beans

    beans Guest

    Catherine Zeta-Jones

    That's a Z!

  6. ginandtonic

    ginandtonic Guest

    Zsa Zsa Gabor.

    "To be loved is a strength.
    To love is a weakness."
    -Zsa Zsa Gabor
  7. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    Goldi Hawn (sp)

    but I know that is an H
  8. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Hugh Grant

    Another G for you... :D
  9. ginandtonic

    ginandtonic Guest

    Gary Cooper.
  10. stargalaxy

    stargalaxy Guest

    What? For crying out loud, allofme, this is a serious website. There are people here who are feeling extremely suicidal. In what way is this stupid game going to help them? :mad:
  11. katmandu1

    katmandu1 SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend

    It's a way for some of us to take our minds off of our troubles. If it bothers you, you certainly do not need to participate, however, this is the correct forum for this type of activity. It's not intended to slight anyone's feelings.

    Carey Grant
  12. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Hi yes there are people who are struggling severly and there are plenty of forums where they can talk about it if they wish. People will support and listen if they can. But this forum is "the coffee house" and has the description :

    "A forum for people to come together, socialise and maybe have a little fun at the same time. If you're new to the forum, why don't you come on in and say hi to everyone."

    I don't see anything wrong with having a bit of fun to take our minds off things. I know it's a great distraction for me... I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings or makes you think this site isn't serious etc. Please feel free to post in the other forums if you need.

    Hmm the letter 'G'. I'm bad at letter Gs! Help anyone!? :p
  13. ginandtonic

    ginandtonic Guest

    Gene Hackman
    George Carlin
    Gregory Peck
    George Harrison
    George Lucas

  14. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    :eek: :eek:

    OK show off!! :D

    I'll pick your "George Carlin" one and then come back with :

    Christian Slater

    So... now it's S.............
  15. katmandu1

    katmandu1 SF Friend & Antiquitie's Friend

    How about Steve McQueen
  16. Matthew

    Matthew Guest

    Mike Myers
  17. stargalaxy

    stargalaxy Guest

    Oops! It looks like I've upset several people with my comments earlier on. I take it back. Carry on your game, I won't be taking part though...
  18. Writer

    Writer Guest

    *whew* that's just what this place needs is a game to lighten the mood. God only knows how much of a rut I've got myself into. ok, anyway, the last one was M? Well, I could take the easy way out and go with Mike Myers, but that's cheating. Michael Clarke Duncan
  19. allofme

    allofme Staff Alumni

    even serious people with serious problems can get some reliefe by taking their mind off of their problems if even for a minute while thinking of an answer. and I hope that in that minute the timy spot of distration can change the mood and action or intention that originally brought them here. and At leasst for the time it took you to respond your mind was not focused on your pain but anger at me which I hope helped keep you in a different mind set. I hope you come back and see this and I hope you change your mind. I care about you. cindy


    danny diveto
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  20. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    Orlando Bloom
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