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    My brother killed himself a few years ago with anti-depressants, I’m not sure if he was clinically depressed or just weary – I suspect he was clinically depressed. Although we weren’t especially close in the traditional sense, it destroyed me. I was convalescing from a done for relationship at the time & my brother’s death eradicated any feelings of lament for that; nothing could compare or compete with the sadness I felt for his premature end. I thought at the time, if both my parents were killed in a car crash I’d be sad but wouldn’t feel like this, I’ve exhausted my sensitivity as a human being; nothing or no-one can hurt me more than this. I had lots of weird thoughts at the time, for two or three weeks after his death I’d go so far to say I was a little psychotic. I was wrong though, about exhausting my sensitivity, because I’ve had children since my brother died – they reminded me that love is something you can’t really opt out of. What I would say about killing yourself is, life changes constantly. The part of your life you want to end is a specific point in the journey that you’ll probably move on from in months if not weeks, nothing is permanent - except death, which is difficult in the best of circumstances.
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    Thank you for that post. It lets us all know that there is more to life than just our present circumstances. Life changes constantly but death is eternal. As hard as it is to make it through the loss of a loved one, and as depressing as life can be, we should have hope that a better life is possible. I am so sorry for the loss of your brother. You must have been heartbroken. :(
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    I am sorry to hear that you have suffered such a great loss. It is nice to know that although it seems to us at the present time, there is no hope for the future, you have shown that things can change. We do not have to stay in a world of unhappiness forever.