Moving On

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  1. An illuminated clouded sky,
    Carefully concealed by
    Out stretched branches from mighty trees
    Swaying and groaning in the breeze.

    In the midst I stand alone,
    Still and Rigid, cold as stone.
    A sharp knife held firmly in my grip,
    I blankly watch my own blood drip.

    The blood runs freely from my vein,
    Symbolising my every pain.
    A tear creeps from my glassy eye;
    Thoughts of my dead friend as I cry.

    From his deep, eternal sleep,
    He looks down on me as I weep.
    For once my thoughts aren't all of him,
    My sorely missed, beloved Jim.

    Through the suffocating sorrow,
    I hear soft footsteps as they echo.
    I see his tall, thin sillhouette,
    Approaching closer with each step.

    And now I feel no more worry,
    For I know he's here to save me.
    He wraps me in his arms so tight,
    And now I know I'll be alright.

    I know I'll never again feel sorrow,
    I know my new life starts tomorrow.
    From tomorrow no more pain,
    I'll have him to keep me sane.

    I've given up sefl-inflicted pain,
    I swaer it, stood here in the rain.
    I'm still stood here as cold as stone,
    But I am no longer alone.

    Swaying hand in hand in the breeze
    Under the cover of the trees.
    Letting out a loving sigh,
    Under the clouded, illuminated sky.
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    Amazing poem. I love it :heart:
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