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    I am the invisible one. The one you never notice. The one no one notices. I walk into a room, and no one knows I'm there until I speak. I leave, and no one knows I'm gone. No only am I never missed by anyone, but they don't even know there's anyone to miss. And it's not that anyone doesn't like me, it's just that they don't think twice about me. I'm like the last day before summer starts...not disliked at all, but not at all missed when gone.

    But that's fine. I've come to accept my place in the universe. And it'll make it easier when the time finally comes that I get to end it all...when the only person on earth left who would care if I died passes away themselves, then I get to take my final rightful place as another unclaimed body to be cremated by the state. And no one will even know I'm gone.
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    I used to think like one cared if I was there or not...till I found out through other people that some did ask about me and, even if they didn't know me or weren't close to me, they did ask where I was....

    you don't know what goes on in the heads of people, they might look like they don't care, but that could be further from the truth, you just never know what they are really thinking. No one is going to tell you to your face that they miss you, and that's why we think they don't think of us...

    if you want to know if people care, ask them. simple as that and if they tell you yes, BELIEVE them. You are worthy of attention and care and we all need to hear it once in a while...don't put yourself down like that, you deserve better :hug:
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    You are not invisible here you are reaching out letting us get to know you. Keep reaching out ok to be heard and to be seen one has to work at that Everyone tends to stay inside their own safe space their own worlds but perhaps you reaching out to someone else you both can benefit then ok Keep reaching out ok hugs
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    @ Morning Rush: You may very well be correct in that there may be one or two more people than I think who actually care, but asking wouldn't help to determine that. People are inclined to give the socially correct answers to things like say that they care when in fact they don't. It's the reason we ask "How are you?" to strangers as a greeting when we don't really care, and the reason they reply with "I'm doing well, thanks!" when in fact they've had an awful day. I've learned not to trust words, but to look at actions for real meaning. And the actions of those around me show I'm not missed. Even my dad shows this. We used to visit each other once a week. Then I fell into a short term funk and stopped going by for nearly 2 months. In all that time, even though we can see each other's house from where we live, not once did he come by and not one single text from him. And he's the only person on earth who would actually care if I was gone. I could have been dead on the floor, and he wouldn't have known for gods know how much longer than that.

    As for my being invisible, I'm not really kidding. I can walk up right beside someone, be there for minutes even doing something, and when I speak to them for the first time it scares the hell out of them because they had no idea I was there. One of my employees last night told me she thinks maybe I have no soul because she can normally just 'feel' someone walk up even if she can't hear them, but with me there's nothing. She may or may not have been kidding about that, but she has a point. Most people seem to have a sixth sense and can 'feel' a person walking up behind them. I've seen it time and time again, and unless the person is seriously distracted they can sense when someone else has entered the room no matter how quietly they enter. But with me there are extremely few people who can sense me. It's like I simply don't leave a footprint in the universe.

    All that said though, Thank you very much for the reply! I'm glad that at least my words aren't invisible :)

    @ Total Eclipse: Thank you for you reply and your kind words, however I've come to accept that I'm just never going to be noticed. After 40 years of trying, I've finally given up.