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Okay, so i have to do this creative writing english paper... and well, I don't know what to write about! Its awful. It has to stem off something we did in class. Well one thing we did was memories. I mean... all I can think about right now is the memory of the blade. I haven't cut in a while and being so stressed over all this course work is making the urges come back.
So i guess what I'm asking is...what do you guys think about my paper being on the memory of cutting? Do you think my professor would puke...? Or like...ask me to see someone? lol

Helppp :(
Right! :) But there is one thing...once I get writing about self harm it isn't...pretty? o.O

Hmm.. maybe I'll start it and post some here and see if you guys think its okay? Maybe?
Update! Incase anyone cares :P

So I started it and I really am starting to like what I have going. It started off being non fiction and has turned into some of both. I don't really want to share any until its ready! :o

But i'll describe a bit of what I have: So its a relationship between a mother and her daughter. The mother discovers scars/fresh cuts on her daughters wrists. The daughter tries to talk with her mom about it but she shuts her out and starts making her feel small and stupid for harming herself, so the daughter runs away and ends up....well i'm not sure yet. :laugh:

Does that sound okayish? O.O
Okay...i'll post a bit.. but I'm scared :P

I remember seeing the look of utter horror on my mother’s face when she saw. A simple, short glance changed the way she viewed me forever. What was she thinking?! I had to know what my mom now saw me as! Did she think I was crazy? What about disgusting? Did she even care? I could handle her thinking I was disgusting, I thought I was too. But her not caring I could not handle. Did she still see me as her baby girl?
It was a stare off, neither of us daring to breathe. I remember finally dropping my head in shame and her sighing. That was probably a sigh of relief. A relief from what exactly I was not sure.

D: Its bad! I know it! Be honest! Lol
I'll look over this in more detail later - it's past 4am here - tbh I'm only up to watch the NFL - thus proving more madness - but I have some thoughts which I'll PM
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