Much Maligned

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  1. A.SoNiC.boY

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    .Much Maligned.

    Life is just pain, with a mediocre story attached behind
    Like a second though, with a storied history of failure you'll find
    When you dine at the table on dead kings' pretension, and smug arrogance
    The apprehensions you find, never mattered; much maligned and ever so tense

    Broken dreams litter every city street, clad in the guise of a hope for better days
    In a daze I wonder these streets, no answers to find, but I wander anyway
    Blackened soul, and tarred up lungs, crawling to the next liquor hole
    To drink up on spirits, clear it all away, play the game till we reach the gallows pole

    Everything I write, everything I think, every single word I utter
    Is a stuttered sentence, of a useless apprentice, under my breath I mutter
    That better days are long behind, somewhere here I think I’ll find
    A sign, that I'm doing whats right, the light drives me blind

    Tired of it all, I slip and fall asleep
    Behind my eyes, another memory creeps away...
  2. total eclipse

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    you wrie so well hun provokes so much image and thought hugs
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