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much to early to be up on a sunday, but..

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couldn't sleep a wink last night.

i ended up listemning to audio dramas for most of the night.

it's only 8 30 in the morning here, and i'm the only person in my street currently awake.


wish 1 of these nights i can actually have a good sleep and enjoy it to the fullest..


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You ever had some medication for sleep or do you find it too overpowering?

Maybe a night shift job would help - plus many you can sort of sleep on the job - or certainly read all night or listen to audio dramas.

So what did you listen to?

Anything good?

I enjoy the radio sometimes - makes a break to have a play on and lose yourself for an hour and a half on some long play. I hate it when its some play spanned over several nights as I can never plan to listen to plays or dramas but usually enjoy them as and when the mood takes me.
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