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  1. Songie

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    Blades crashing
    a crimson rain
    no more feelings
    no more pain
    blades go deep
    crushing fears
    no more crying
    you can bleed out your tears
    keep the secret
    hide it well
    nothing is wrong
    no worries to tell
    help the friend
    with problems so small
    but they were never bloody
    no strength to even crawl
    pop some pills
    make the world spin
    then make it go black
    and let death win
    no one to leave behind
    no one to care
    lives move on
    no pain to bear
    she is forgotten
    nothing but a thought
    quickly fleeting
    barely caught
    they rejoice at her death
    glad she is god
    no longer a bother
    "thank god death won"

    -Songie- 10/14/08


    Hear the words
    can't believe them
    wanting to feel beautiful
    even if only around him
    sweet words whispered
    in moments of bliss
    a shy smile
    a tender kiss
    you believe for a moment
    but it quickly flees
    you hear the words
    smile, nod and agree
    words spoken sweetly
    but never true
    you hide your fears
    but they eventually take over you


    And she cries

    A fucked world
    children left alone
    daddys raping daughters
    houses dont feel like home
    children cry in the night
    screaming at dreams
    putting on a smile
    emotions not as they seem
    drugs on the street
    moms shooting meth
    leaving kids alone
    wishing for death
    you scream
    and you cry
    just wanting a daddy
    wishing you could die
    memories haunt the child
    memories of yelling and beatings
    love dying slowly
    firey hatred brewing
    another woman
    family but not
    wanting her tortured
    to see her rot
    daddy wrapped around her finger
    running after her as if she is his world
    forgetting the ones he left behind
    forgetting the daugter turning cold
    her heart is broken
    as she thinks of what she never had
    goodnight kisses, hugs for no reason
    just love from her Dad
    her world darkens
    life looses meaning
    she sits in her room
    crying and screaming
    her world crashed
    it burned in the flame
    falling around her
    on her shoulders falls the blame
    she begged him
    pleading for him to stay
    but he walked out
    no matter what she had to say
    she wants to come too
    for he is her best friend
    but he pushes her away
    forcing their friendship to end
    the world dims
    depression has hit
    she spirals downward
    landing in a tempetuous pit
    she hates everyone
    for his mistakes
    Now he has won
    her life is ruined by her rebeliion
    she strikes out
    to ease her pain
    losing herself
    in the acid rain
    drinks pour down her throat
    life controlled by weed
    trying to hide her pain
    from that one deed
    he stays in his own world
    not seeing her tears
    her anger at the world
    that is caused by her fears
    everyone leaves eventually
    causing more pain
    don't let anyone near
    make them think you're insane
    it will keep them away
    not wanting to be someone who failed so fast
    blaming it on her rebellion
    not her fucked past
    no one sees who she really is
    or the pain she hides inside
    no one knows
    that her emotions she must hide
    she puts on a mask
    of anger and hate
    she fails again, fucking up her life
    now you know...the cruelest beast is fate.

    -Songie- 10/14/08

    -If anyone has any idea for titles of Untitled and Untitled 2, i would really appreciate it. And, sorry "and she cries" is so long. It was more venting then writing poetry (which is why it skips around so much). Thanks for reading :biggrin:
  2. Petal

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    Awesome poems Thanks for sharing :heart:
  3. Songie

    Songie Well-Known Member

  4. tintin

    tintin Guest

    For the "Untitled one" what about Death's won? And "untitled two" Love's bliss?

    Just ideas :hug:

    Really good poems by the way :)
  5. Rockster

    Rockster Guest

    i really ike your work :hug:
  6. Songie

    Songie Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dunraven. I really like those names. I hope you dont mind if i use them *hugs*
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