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    Well for starter, im new on this, and im a lesbian.. but my mum cant stand me being this.
    We just had a big argument about it, she said she's struggling and i make her feel like shit, but thats what she makes me feel like? She said she's gunna end up killing herself if i give her anything else to deal with, ffs i just wanna die tbh, knowing i make her feel like that?

    i dont understand why she cant just accept me for who i am..

    she's making me feel really uncomfortable in the house, and iv'e gone completely into self-destruct. I know my girlfriend and my bestfriend are there for me, but nothing will take back what my mum has said to me tonight, i'll never forgive her..

    I have self harmed before and im not afraid of doing it again, my mum usually brings me to do it anyway, no change there..
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    Aw, that's terrible! I can understand that her saying those things would make you feel terrible, and it's a real shame that she can't or won't accept you as you are. I'm sure you're a wonderful person, and being a lesbian is just part of you.

    I'm glad that you at least have your girlfriend and best friend. I hope things get better between you and your mom.

    Please, please don't self harm. Stay safe.
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    sorry to hear she doesn't accept it :hug:

    im a lesbian too and my mom said pretty much the same to me as your mom did for you... have you tried finding help for the both of you?

    i used to see a family therapist every week, she made things more clear for my mom from her perspective... tho, it didn't change a lot for me anymore since i had already moved out... it did help her accept more things...