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Mumsy, asleep?

This Saturday, April Sixteenth, will be the two year anniversary of ,y mother passing away. This has just been on my mind lately... My mother was a lesbian and both her and her partner passed away two years ago (her partner on Valentine's Day) and The pain still has not gone away from it.

My mother died from taking drugs often in a way considered self injury. They caused her body to literally stop functioning, she fell into the coma, and at the end she only had ten percent brain function and that is when we knew there was no chance and we needed to pull the plug. I mean, it just looked like she was sleeping. All of the machines, they made her look like she was alive.

So anyway... They are both always on my mind. By the way, her partner who was with her since I was four, therefore being my other mother, died of a drug over dose.
Both of my parents were suicidal and often blamed me for such.

I loved them...

So... I guess I just wanted to say that I miss them and right now is a hard time for everyone around me and for me myself and I just hope to have the strength for it.


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I am so sorry for your loss...I hope you know you did nothing wrong and that both people had their own problems..please keep posting and telling us how you are doing during this difficult time...we are here for you...big hugs and I wish I could give you one in RL...J

Thank you so much for that! ((((s-e)))) it is so nice to know there are people out there.

I know it is not really my fault, it just was unfortunate they couldn't see past their belief that it was...

I will keep posting, thank you, I just found this website today actually.

Thank you though :)

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