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    There was a muder-suicide over the weekend on a country farm approx 20 miles from where I live.

    I didnt know the people there. The entire family is gone. It appears that the mother killed her boyfriend and all the kids and then herself.
    The mother, had 2 children with a man whom was her husband but apparently were divorced. It was her weekend apparently with those kids. She had a 3rd child, (an infant) with her boyfriend.

    Like I said, I dont know these people. The father, of the 2 older kids, lives eevn closer to me and as you can imagine, is devastated.

    I mourn for the loss of life.
    I mourn for the children.
    I mourn for the boyfriend.
    I mourn for the surviving father and all the surviving family members. At least 3 families have been directly touched by this event.

    I also mourn for the mother. For I know the pain of suidical thoughts. I know the pain of mental illness and despair. I dont know exactly what she was going thru to bring her to this point, but I mourn for her too.

    May all the victims rest in peace. And may God save their souls.
  2. In a Lonely Place

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    This is very sad but ive got no sympathy for that woman,if you wanna take your own life thats one thing but to feel its ok to end your childrens lives as if they are your possessions really pisses me off.We just had one in the uk where the dad has offed his entire family before himself,what a fuckin douche bag.Those kids can still have good lives,people will step up and take good care of em,you do not own your children just because your life aint worth living you dont need to make them suffer for it.Im not one who subscribes to the suicide being selfish way of thinking but this? sighs*
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    I know, it sucks. And I wrestled with how I should feel...there was a time a year or so ago when a woman posted on facebook, and then loaded up her kids in the car and drove the car down a boat ramp into a river.

    I really dont care much for her soul.. I suspect she will burn in hell, but then again, God's mercy may extend to the mentally handicapped. And I contend that you dont commit suicide if you are not mentally ill of some sort.

    And I am disgusted at her actions. I just think about the horror she must have been going thru. The mental turmoil she was feeling that led her to that point.

    I doubt any of us will ever face that kind of a nightmare.
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    Fucking hell.... That's horrible..
  5. lightbeam

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    How sad. The mother shouldn't have done that. But maybe she thought there was a danger to their souls, especially if she was schizophrenic. People in that state of mind have a hard time between differentiating themselves from reality. Maybe she saw her children as angels and wanted to keep them that way. There's a hundred things that cause that.

    I mourn for those involved, especially if the mental illness wasn't diagnosed.
  6. In a Lonely Place

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    i understand what your saying jason but this is not a rare event,its happened numerous times in the uk.I imagine the reasons to be varied and pretty complex but some of these fuckers have done it to spite their ex and shitty reasons like that.I guess it depends on the details before i can have any sympathy for this woman.
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    Sympathy? |Hmm... Understanding maybe. Just my view on it. no matter how bad you get, there is never an excuse or justification for killing. It's one thing to take your own life, but when you start creating dillusional justifications for harming other people,.. there's no real sympathy in there. Just understanding. I consider that a great failing as a human being to kill someone whose innocent, espcially a child. Just my opinon. Surely she must have been under alot of strain or snapped, but.. Once you cross that road, youre not really deserving of sympathy imo.
    The dad must be going almost dead inside.. I hope he's ok and has people with him.
  8. lightbeam

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    That's a sad reality. However, I choose to err on the side of mental illness causing things. I'm partially schizophrenic. I have seen my children glow as if God shone a really intense light on them. I have heard angels proclaiming that I am the Son of God reincarnated. Voices and hallucinations ordered me to kill my family, and when I resisted the hallucination became even more focused.

    I have sympathy for the woman because she may not have known what she was doing.
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    I don't think anyone can understand mental illness because it seems to be very specific to the individual experiencing it. Lightbeam, I was very close to a schizophrenic whom I met as a sweet, smart, deep and caring individual and watched him deteriorate to thinking that he was the reincarnation of the Archangel Gabriel and drawing crosses on walls with his own blood. So I understand how severe mental illness can be, what a change it can make in a person. I can't condone killing, but it's clearly a sign of a very very troubled woman. It's too bad no one saw it. And the sad thing is that someone probably did and never said anything. People never want to interfere, but yet sometimes if they just did it would save so much pain.