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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Avarice, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member


    Ooooh, this subforum made me dig out my old old poems I wrote back in 2oo5 when I was fourteen. They're pretty funny if I may say so myself. :laugh: I thought I was in love with a boy at this point in time, however he didn't return the feelings and already had a girlfriend, which might help explain what some of these poems are about. Half of them don't even make sense!! Oh yes, I also had an unhealthy obsession with rhyming..​

    Love be when, you hold someone dear,
    Held so close, and theres nothing to fear,
    When the moon whisks you, away from the day,
    When your holding hands, and there's nothing to say,
    A bubbling feeling, deep down inside,
    When theres nothing to run from,
    When there's nothing to hide,
    And when we're apart,
    You cry out for the scent of my skin,
    And everythings okay,
    And everythings within,
    But then we tend to grow apart,
    And I feel like I'm, back at the start,
    No one to love, No one to hold,
    All alone,
    I feel so cold.
    - Roxanne.

    Your lips,
    So bright,
    Your eyes,
    A sight,
    Your hair,
    So fair,
    But you,
    Don't care,
    Your hands,
    So pale,
    Your charm,
    A tale,
    Your skin,
    So fine,
    But you're,
    Not mine.
    My love forsaken,
    Becase you're taken.
    - Roxanne.

    A knife of the floor,
    A bloody mess,
    An open door,
    All because she said yes,
    An ivory gown,
    With a crimson stain,
    A prayer to god,
    For someone to blame,
    A day of happiness,
    A day of joy,
    A day of fear,
    She felt so coy,
    It's not what it's supposed to be,
    There's nothing left to say,
    This is the day she'll never forget,
    Wedding Day.
    - Roxanne.

    Looking smart,
    Dressed to kill,
    A hidden knife,
    More blood to spill,
    Within the shadows,
    His charm is seen,
    Her hearts in parts,
    Where has he been?
    More blood pours,
    From her tainted heart,
    She wants to run,
    But where to start?
    - Roxanne.

    A single rose,
    As red as blood,
    Eleven petals,
    No longer a bud,
    If this rose,
    Should fall from our hands,
    The bud will close,
    Deep into the sand,
    As rain drops fall,
    From a cloudy sky,
    There's no reason for death,
    There's no reason to lie,
    But as we walk hand in hand,
    And as the day go by,
    Let that rose be our guidance,
    To find a reason why.
    - Roxanne.

    A cross upon her bedroom wall'
    From grace she will trip and fall;
    An image burning in her mind'
    Around her heart these chains will bind.
    - Roxanne.

    A fallen angels kiss from grace;
    A cross presenting no born race;
    An unholy love with no meaning;
    A gentle touch with no feeling.
    - Roxanne.

    I've lost my soul, my will to live;
    To you my life, I would give;
    My life,
    My soul,
    My heart is torn
    A craving to be re-born.
    - Roxanne.

    Gravestones shiver with fear of the cold;
    The grass goes black with a morbid fold;
    Loves sweet scent, fills the air;
    Deaths unholy spirit.. no life no spare.
    - Roxanne.

    A single drop of blood means pain;
    My life,
    My soul,
    My heart will stain;
    Voices solve the problems made;
    The pain and suffering, to be repaid.
    - Roxanne.

    Bringing back the memories stored;
    This silver linings torn and clawed;
    The chain around my neck burns through;
    Memories are fading,
    Memories of you.
    - Roxanne.

    Your death defi'ing 666;
    A cross formed with two holy sticks;
    Bound together with blood stainted string;
    To my death my life will bring.
    - Roxanne.

    Dying at this youthful age;
    I'm no longer tired, and secretly afraid;
    Blood, sweat and morbid tears;
    Bottling up,
    All my fears.
    - Roxanne.

    A bloody rose, withered and dead;
    You've laid this burden upon my head;
    Counting as the seconds go by;
    Why won't you kill me?
    Why won't I die?
    - Roxanne.

    Won't you love me?
    Don't you love me?
    Won't you take my life..
    I beg for lust..
    I beg for trust
    Bringing down the knife.
    - Roxanne.

    A slave to your endless love'
    No signs of peace, there is no dove,
    Lost like an animal out in the cold;
    I hope I die, before I get sold.
    - Roxanne.

    One shot taken, cutting through glass;
    A shot made by someone, very high class;
    Falling to the ground, the worlds gone black..
    I guess I won't be coming back...?
    - Roxanne.

    What a morbid child I was. :laugh: I don't remember being that depressing. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the fruits of my once young and innocent mind. :tongue:​
  2. Nuri

    Nuri Well-Known Member

    Hey Avarice,

    I love your poems I can most definitely relate to them; thank you deciding to share them with us. :biggrin:

    I wouldn't worry too much about rhyming alot, as long as it flows and your work definitely does. I'd love to endulge in reading some more; if you've written anything since? :smile:

    Callum. :hug:
  3. Avarice

    Avarice Well-Known Member

    Hey Nuri,

    I'm glad you enjoyed them then, I haven't written any more poems since that time, no. I haven't really thought about writing anymore since back then, let alone attempted it. Though I thank you for the interest. Maybe sometime in the future I'll get into it again. :smile:

    Thank you for replying. :)
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