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Jay Jay from the UK
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Mushrooms get bad press!!

we need to change this and appriciate the fungal thing that comes out the ground that we put in spagghetti bolonaise


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I 💚 mushrooms, fried in butter on toast. I used to go mushroom picking as a child with my sister, loved it, I didn't appreciate the simple fun of it as much as I should have but hindsight is always 50/50.


Mama Bear - TLC, Common Sense
I was out picking mushrooms a few weeks ago with someone who knows a lot about wild mushrooms. It was fun to see the different kinds. Even though my friend is knowledgeable, I would not risk eating a wild mushroom. 🍄 (BTW, red with spots is apparently “pretty, but probably poisonous.”)

I like frying up mushrooms from the grocery store. :)
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