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Music is the cure

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left behind

i find that uplifting music can help alot with my problems.

the best band for making me feel better is 'Swichfoot'

anyone else have any uplifting bands they like?

Always Alone

While not particularly uplifting, these bands always help me

My Chemical Romance
Hawthorne Heights
Taking Back Sunday
Panic at the Disco
Saves the Day

I put the really helpful ones in bold
I never really was much into the uplifting stuff, I have a playlist on my iPod of songs that I listened to when I was feeling down...haven't listened to it in a while now, thankfully...Linkin Park, Eminem...but then I guess there were some uplifting songs too, sort of. "Rain" by Dana Glover, that's a good one...umm, and then there's "I Shall Believe" by Sheryl Crow, which is really...made me cry a good few times. And then I guess there's the cliche, "Everybody Hurts" by REM, too.


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If I'm in a bad mood everyone knows it, cos Tchaivoksky's 1812 overture gets played at full volume :laugh: :laugh: Works a treat:biggrin:
Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D Major is just brilliantly uplifting. I never get tired of hearing it!

Classic rock like The Doors, Beatles, and classic funk/soul James Brown all have tons of great upbeat tracks. Fat Boy Slim's remixes of old James Brown material on a nice stereo system is so great it's impossible not to feel like dancing.

Those are a few of my recommendations, but you can find a lot of classic Electronica, Jungle, etc. from the 90s that is great club music, saturated with pure, positive energy.


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One thing that I used to listen to a lot when I was low, was Keane.
Good band they are :)

Then again, my music tastes didn't really change that much, I don't think when I was down...

One thing I *do* love now, is Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 ...
ever since I heard it at the concert I loved it, especially when I got to play it last year in the orchestra at school ... exhilerating to play!! :)

But I don't really make a habit of listening to classical music ;)
*now has a mental image of joe bobbing to pomp and circumstance* :blink: :laugh: you got me listening to classic fm now :rockon: :blink: hehe..not joking either. :smile:

hmm i seem to be stuck on a loop of snow patrol and linkin park..its odd.
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One for you anime fans - Beethoven's 9th.

"Singing is good, singing brings joy and revitalizes the soul. I think that Song is the greatest achievement of the Lilim culture don't you agree?" - Kaoru

Personally I think the 7th is better with the 5th limping in a poor third.
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