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Music triggers me.. (EDM Obssesion)

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by Joshy, Jun 3, 2012.

  1. Joshy

    Joshy Well-Known Member

    This is for venting out it says, so that is what I will do. Regardless if you may think it's offensive in anyway, none of it is directed to ANYONE in particular at all.

    People who lack the knowledge in Electronic music pisses me off the fucking most. I have broken up with an ex over it because she liked a very crappy fucking band called "Blood on the Dance Floor" she wouldn't shut up about it, and she purposely teased me to death making me listen to it. It's the worst band in existence in my opinion.
    Nothing is worse than "Blood on the Dance Floor" it's not even fucking good. They just take bits of other peoples music, and cut and copy it into their music, then add shitty fucking immature perverted vocals about sex and drugs from a 12 year old's perspective it sounds like!!!!

    Past that now..

    I hate it when people call the bands that I like "Techno."
    NONE of it is fucking Techno.
    There is a CLEAR distinction in Electronic music genre's.
    Thus I hate it how people do not know any of this at all and they just call everything Techno or Dubstep nowadays. It pisses me off.

    I do know Dubstep. Skream is Dubstep. Skrillex is more EDM and his own thing. He may have some characteristics of Dubstep, but he's not Dubstep.
    Dubstep is 140 bpm, usually focused on sub bass rythmes and kick-snare-kick-snare drum patterns with scattered hats occasionally. As well as a sort of dark and relaxed sound to it. It's not usually happy and it doesn't sound like "Transformers having sex."

    Skream, Benga, and MAYBE 16-Bit are great examples of Dubstep music.

    Now to House music. 4x4 drum patterns: Kick hat snare hat.
    It's BPM can be between 110-130. It's music that is focused on the drums and catchy electronic synths that make you want to dance. It is a subgenre of EDM (Electronic Dance Music.) It's meant for dancing to. Hence it's name "House" which is the kind of music meant for partying in a House. Although it originally wasn't invented in a House. It was invented in a club.

    Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner are great examples of what House music is.

    Glitch music is a rather odd genre in the sense that it is meant to be made out of sounds that normally you wouldn't want. But it makes a pattern that is quite interesting and great to listen to. A subgenre of this is Glitch-Hop. Where it combines Glitch and Hip-Hop together to make a Glitchy Hip Hop beat that does make you want to dance. There are almost no standards to this genre other than glitching it.

    Girl Talk is a great example of what Glitch music is.

    Moombahton is a relatively new genre much like Dubstep is also relatively new. Dubstep came around 2005. Moombahton is literally just recently new.
    Moombahton is a mix of Raggaeton and House music. It's bpm is usually a lot slower at 108 bpm preferably.
    It carries many characteristics of Minimal House music, and that sort of Jungle, Reggae vibe to it.
    It sometimes as a lot of vocal samples. This is also a genre meant for dancing to. Thus it is a subgenre of EDM too.

    There are many other Electronic music genre's like Industrial, Noise, Minimal, Chiptune (my favorite of all), Raggeton, DnB, Techno, Nu-Disco, Electroswing, and much more but I'm getting tired right now so I'm going to bed. I may return to this later.

    My point is that I hate it when people call music the completely wrong thing. Their lack of knowledge in music bothers me extremely... It probably triggers me the most to be honest.
  2. letmedisappear

    letmedisappear Well-Known Member

    What you wrote is actually really really interesting. I love really all types of music, from indie to dubstep, and I love finding new artists to research. As for lack of musical knowlegde... I totally get you. It just pisses me off when people call an artist a genre that it simply isn't... especially the whole grey area of indie music. I just take a deep breath and think to myself... "Man, I feel bad for them, some idiot who can't tell the difference between [insert artists here]. Just let them bathe in their stupidity, let it go..." However, when they rub it in, like your ex seems to have done, THAT'S where it gets too far, and to be honest, that was wrong of her to tease you. She should have respected your opinions. I hope you find some way to let it go with strangers and safely debate it with friends, as you seem well-versed in music, which is a great attribute to have. Happy listening :stereo:
  3. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    People do the best you can, and like you did for Heather, you also educated me...maybe you can start a thread and educate others so that they are more adept at using the correct terms...you obviously know a lot about this...something good came from your rant, as such, two people learned more...also, I just got an offer to do music reviews for an E-TV station for which I did voice-over work a while ago...maybe you can connect with something and do some music reviews in these areas...sounds like many people know little about this...Please PM me Joshy if I can assist in helping you find some potential online music review sites that are not a scam...I would give you the information re the E-TV that contacted me, but they are morons so I do not want to add to your frustration
  4. Joshy

    Joshy Well-Known Member

    Chiptune is my favorite genre of all..

    Considering it's unique in a sense that there are no real instruments for it. You use a Gameboy or a program on certain hardware such as an iPhone, or even a laptop. Or a modded screen with your own software and hardware. It's all by scratch usually.

    It's cool because, each 'sound' is made by tiny tiny tiny sounds all made from scratch completely. You don't just copy and paste, you don't just download samples. You make the samples and make everything by your self 100%. That's what I love about it.

    But I also love it because it's VERY HAPPY and fast-paced. :D
  5. Silently-Hated

    Silently-Hated Well-Known Member

    I love how happy you are talking about music, it's not a bad thing, some people just don't understand what music really is... And you do... That's fantastic I like original music soft sounds but fast paced
  6. BrinkOfExistence

    BrinkOfExistence Well-Known Member

    I never knew what chiptune was before reading your post, i wanna thank you because now i love it.