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  1. I ran arcoss this site yesterday. I was feeling so completely beat down by life that I wasn't debating if I should kill myself or not, but just a question of how to do it... make it look more like an accident, and try to leave some insurance for my daughter, or make a definite statement of killing myself and try to stick the 8 years of debt my ex wife piled on me back on her? My childern are both grown and moved out, and I've felt this crushing lonelyness since my ex left. Reading some of the posts here helped me out ~ I'm back to the stage of debating on whether to kill my self or not.

    Anyways, my question is about music. Last night while browsing through the forums here I happened to have some music streaming in the background. A song happened to catch my attention, "Carry On" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I played it again, paying a bit more attention to the lyrics. Then I played it a third time. How wierd that a song about carrying on after losing a lover would be playing right when I was determined not to carry on.

    I have a real love of music. I am a fair drummer, and before I decided to end it all, I was starting to teach myself the bass. Music can definitly trigger in me stong emotions. A song will remind me of my first wife, or remind me of my ex, and I'm ready to kill myself again. But this song helped. So what other songs do you all know with positive lyrics? Something where someone gets over a loss, or at least gets by....
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    There have been threads dealing with this issue. If you can access the whole forum, you can do a search and find them. Them as this question has been formulated in different ways to obtain different objectives.

    If after lookingat the threads refered to earlier you are not satisfied with the asnwers recieved, you can make a new thread asking people formulating your demand as best fit.

    Hope to have been of help to you.

    Good luck and stay safe

Thread Status:
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