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Music :)

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Recently my sleep patterns have been messed up, but I've realised (about 9 minutes ago) that music helps tire me out.

What music helps you sleep? Why?

For me, it's rock music from 2001-2006.
I think my mind starts thinking about the messages and I drift off.


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when i cant sleep, i turn my radio on to a cristian music station even tho i absolutly HATE cristian music.......it puts me to sleep in no time.......................................if that helps then ur welcome....an if not then im sorry
nature music. ocean sounds, sounds of birds, enya, that kind of thing

lately i've been listening to hilary stag's album called, " dreamland". i like the song land of oz, which is the first track on the album, but they are all relaxing


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Classical music puts me to sleep... only cause i hate it tho :unsure:

If I hated a certain type of music as I do Country and Western, Heavy Metal or Bhangra then listening to it could never put me to sleep it would do quite the opposite until I ejected it!

Only music you love can put you to sleep as it relaxes you, so you may be a closet (even to yourself) Classical music fan! :piano::harp:
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