Musings in the Bath

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    Musings in the Bath

    There is unlimited capacity for hurt,
    In a soul turned inward,
    Dragging through the dirt
    Few know the auspices of the cage:
    I’m here,
    Not living,
    Ink spilt on a long forgotten page
    The face you see is an emblem of fear
    A tentacle of the rejection queer
    I was a living time machine
    As it crumbles
    Life is mean
    I cannot describe the moment and how it feels
    When the slumber is woken
    And you realise: this was real
    Is there anything worse than a wretched wheel?
    Round is the shape you must escape,
    If you’re ever to determine
    Your own fate
    A future marred
    By black history
    And hate

    ~ Muffin
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.