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    A day becomes two, two three, three four, and so on until the time inwhich days march forward no more in their endless, and quite pointless, progression towards some final and undeniable ending. Though, apocalyptic wishes aside, I look upon those faces inwhich are so commonly strewn in ordered chaos around me only to find a likeness in them all.

    A likeness inwhich all bear, but none see with in themselves, marrs the perfection of many faces and eyes; a look with in eyes so marred causing pain to strike within my skull as if I had been hit. Eloquence and the silver in one's tongue cannot save nor speak words upon this subject inwhich can enlighten others to the sensation of seeing loss within every face inwhich they look. No matter the person, nor the time, they have loss within their eyes, an unfillable hole that is born into all man kind. Though, unlike some of my whiney, depressing, and wholey idiotic gothic peers in the world about me, I do note an almost cynical sense of humor within this knowledge... call me callous.

    As a child, I noted this within the eyes of my mother, and my all too quickly departed father. It took me almost 24 years to learn what this feeling was, for when I obtained the age inwhich many consider adulthood, did it strike me as well. I looked upon my features within a mirror and at that time, and was nearly bowled down by what it was inwhich I saw. Bearing with in my eyes was the same look of loss inwhich I saw in the eyes of all of those around me. The loss was simple, and I knew what it was, but no one accepted it as valid, nor even plausable. The hole within them could not be filled, for they were stilled of the mindset that life was about keeping your head down and working hard.

    Nearly all of the populous of the world is bore under the concept that there is someone with in the state, country, or even the world, that is better, smarter, and far more qualified to lead and run their lives better than they. The true sadness is that many people with in this world believe that. Most people infact believe this.

    I consider it laziness to allow another to control your very actions and to even control what you can and cannot learn. School systems today are designed to keep you as thoughtful as possible, and ignorant enough to never learn the truth, nor to ever seek it. They teach you that what they say is correct, and that there are no other sources of knowledge on this earth. There is an innante problem with in their syllabus, the fact that they leave out the plan for the child inwhich either cares nothing of what they have to teach or quite simply sees through the farce.

    For it is indeed a farce, to teach a child certain ideals and concepts. Morals are needed, but not telling a child that they can and cannot do things. Perhaps, if I am correct, the parents and teachers of those inwhich our society calls great... forgot to mention that they cannot do such things. Have you ever noticed that those inwhich do the 'impossible' have a very simple view? That nothing is impossible... hard, but not impossible.

    We, and I do mean we all, teach our children and others that they cannot do things, many of which they can indeed do if they simply learned how to use their minds. Another small problem with our education system, we do not teach children how to think, only what to think. The answer to the math problem 2+2 is indeed 4... but who decided what 2 meant? We dont teach our children to explain themselves, to think for themselves, nor to communicate what they are thinking. We teach them to be simple, unthinking, and exactly how to communicate exactly what we tell them they are allowed to say. Nothing more, nothing less.

    The constraints and failures of our society are our fault, for we were the instruments of our own downfall as we were the teachers and mentors. Though a select few within our world try to undo the harm inwhich has been done, the number is far too few to put but a scratch upon the surface of an almost impervious suit of armor... and as I see these things, I look back to the eyes of those about me, and once more see the loss inwhich is them, for they are indeed a drone... and no drone can ever be happy.

    There is a saying, a very old saying it would seem, that Ignorance is bliss, and for most in our world, that is true... how pitiful it is that a saying such as that has lasted to be a 'very old saying'.
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    oh common drudgery! to no avail, how long must we be strung out in this dusty trail.

    perhaps there isn't much more besides the single act of's like we already have what we require but can't quite perceive it within ourselves. Like you said, It can be hard when our mentality is assailed from all sides toward one narrow view of existence...

    A free mind, neither right or wrong simply free.