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Ideas & Opinions Musings on Beauty


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I couldn't help but notice Lux's title "Beauty is boring" and took quite some time trying to figure out how I should respond to this as I sincerely beg to differ, but I suppose at the same time, to completely agree.

Rather than "Beautiful is boring" I would turn it around and say that "Boring isn't beautiful". All those "flawless beauties" dressed to perfection with every hair under control and every blemish hidden and as unique and soulful as a lamp-post are just boring as hell, and if you accept their ideas of beauty as true, then yes, beauty is boring, but I completely disagree, that isnt beauty, real beauty is about self-expression, seeing a beautiful person is like laying your eyes on a moving work of art, but how can a person be that if they arent expressing who they are, or worse they are and its not worth seeing? Beauty comes from being rich in soul and expressing it. The most beautiful woman I ever saw was this rough, free-spirit I knew at university with a big scar on her cheek and an aversion to makeup, and she was never more beautiful than when she answered the door still with bedhead in an unflattering pair of brown trackie bottoms and a ratty Sonic T-shirt, she was absolutely stunning.

The same holds true for any other standard of beauty, if it doesnt speak to you, its not beautiful. All the cliches like "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and "inner beauty is what counts" and such are true, or at least I believe they are. So if you find the sight of a car wreck or someone wearing smeared makeup and half her hair shaved off, or the result of a group of special needs kids formlessly smearing paint on a canvas is captivating, then you have discovered beauty. That last one hangs in a random corridor in one of the schools I do IT for, and I can't pass it without stopping to look, if the school ever sold it, I would buy it.

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