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Just thinking aloud.
Love is a strange thing.
Loving people who may not be the best in the world for you.
Loving a parent who was never there for you, who did the bare minimum for you.
Loving someone who doesnt consider you as much as they should.
Loving someone who loves you back, but is so forgetful.

All in all, its just strange what we can go through, and then when it is genuine love for someone, you can hate them so much at given points in time, but you still care and love and not want someone else.

Its just. Love.
just few things not to forget
love is much more then just the warm fealing in our chest
love is to care about someone and ask nothing in return
love is not to be afraid to say that your soul mate is wrong
even if it means to start a fight, or to be angry.

love is to give someone everything, ask for nothing in return, and to feel good about it

problem with it is that there are people out there that are using it
but still, even if it means to spend 200$ on a meal while dating a beautiful girl
and to recive nothing in return, not even a hug, was it still worth it?
if it was true love, then the answare is YES

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