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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Feared.Desire, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. Feared.Desire

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    I read a lot of suicide/teen depression web pages, and learn a lot of interesting information from it. But, something I’ve noticed is, that almost all sites have the exact same information. However, is it at least accurate? For the most part, sure. I don’t feel, however, that there are enough experts out there writing these.
    I have read warning signs for teens, and quizzes to take that will tell you if your child is depressed. I myself, being a young teen, and having also attempted suicide once already, as well going on my fifth year of depression, have realized these quizzes and sites are almost useless.
    Before my first attempt, I went to a doctor and tried to explain, she said I wasn’t depressed, but sent me to a counselor, who also didn’t take it too seriously. Weeks later I made my first attempt. This proves that even experts, I’d say, don’t always know what they’re doing.
    Secondly, even getting parents to realize when their kids need help is near impossible. My parents have no idea. Meaning if I can hide it, so can any other kid who wishes to. These quizzes, in my opinion, just aren’t accurate enough. I say kids do need help. I know many of my friends (mostly older) who have gone down the drain, (failing and addicted to drugs), that all started with depression, and to which I blame their demises for.

    I realize most of you are probably older than me, and if you suffer from depression, I’m sure you’d be much more efficient at spotting it. I am just wondering, because I want to send a message to some sites suggesting different things to look for, because most of the things they say on sites are not always apparent. But I am never sure what to say. Any suggestions?
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    I don't trust quizzes on the internet, because most of them are a load of bull, to be honest. As for doctors/psychologists and all the other people in those fields, some are better than others and it's a matter of trial and error. I think what many people make the mistake of doing is treating everyone in the same way. Thinking, "well, if this works with Mr. A, then it'll work with Mr. B" when that isn't always the case. We're all different people, deal with things in different ways. There isn't one set way for us to overcome things or to 'fix' things, if there was then I doubt places like SF would be as successful as it is, because everyone would be fine.

    I can't think of any different suggestions that you could send in your message, maybe if you feel that strongly, just messaging them saying you think they should 'expand' the 'ways to help' section will be enough to get them thinking.
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