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Must die

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By the sounds your brother wouldn't want that for you. Don't put the people who care about you through pain because your scared of pain yourself. If your not happy with your Mum go out and make a new family full of supportive people. I hope your brother doesn't die, try to make as many good memories with him while you can


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Hi Vanessa, I'm sorry the PTSD flashbacks are getting to you. What usually works to relieve the trauma from the flashbacks, if anything?

You do not need to die, you need to get help hun, you have got through this before and I believe you can this time too *hug


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I absolutely cannot relive the horror and violence this did to my dad. Not again. Not ever. This is more than my brain can handle
I'm sorry @Mvanessa.

You can fight this and you can feel better. Make sure you keep yourself safe for the meantime. If you feel like you're in immediate danger, make sure you call the emergency services or a suicide hotline.

You can fight this, and you can feel better. Your death would impact people beyond what you know.

Stay safe. Sending hugs *brohug.

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