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My 23 year-old son commited suicide.....

..he was 8 years old when he wrote these: 007mc.com/suicide

His first 'try' was at 13.

I'm still trying to figure this out.

He lived in Austin, TX and I am in LA. I invited him to come live with me numerous times but he kept saying; -no dad, I'm O.K.

I visited my grown-up babies in Austin about 1 year before this incident. I invited him to come live with me (again) about 2 months before he took his life.

I knew he was 'extremely' suicidal and didn't want him to sense that in me, I was paranoid and afraid he'd succeed in taking his life.

When I read about "the Tunisian fruit seller who kick-started the Arab uprising" I figured that he didn't died in vain. This makes me think that I NEED to do something that can come out from my son's sacrifice.

God Bless
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Hi Marc, and welcome...I am so sorry for your loss...When I have lost ppl I love dearly, I have felt the same...that I should make their loss meaningful...sometimes, i have, and I did feel better...I hope you are getting the support you need at this time and that you are being kind to yourself...welcome again, and big hugs, J


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hey, im also a father and i cannot begin to imagine your pain and i am sorry for your loss, if you ever need anything or anyone to talk to, i am here for you.

you cannot do something to get out of your sons sacrifice, there is nothing that can replace him and your love for him. all you need to do is remember him and remember his name and what he stood up for and valued, in your heart he will always be your little boy.
thank you for sharing


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welcome to SF Marc...I'm so sorry for the loss of your dear son
I too have lost my son to suicide..
i understand your pain and the need to do something in his memory..
here if you need to talk..*hug*


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I wish i had the words right now, although I realise nothing could really ease your grief at this incredibly painful time. I am so very sorry for your loss. Hope you're able to take good care of yourself at this time.

Thinking of you


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As a parent i can't even begin to imagine how you deal with this.
Welcome to the forum and I hope and pray you can find some peace :hug

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