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My 25pg belief system coding/For Jenny - sis

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by DrivEthermissIon, Nov 21, 2009.

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    Part 1 - Prologue

    Title – 1 2 and 3

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6k3iXyDWEg – Original vid by Hayley Westenra – Pokarekare Ana (gorgeous little video)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GXua6gD4Hc – English subs

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pokarekare_Ana - Background of the song

    Disclaimer: Warning – the relevant bits aside from my well-wishing (including all of my opinions) in majority of what you are about to read is meant to be interpreted as fiction. If you come at me saying something like ‘I’m a rational Atheist and you’re a no-good, New Age, bible-basher, vegetarian type who believes in alien abduction’ I will point out that you obviously were not able to read the disclaimer for whatever reason, and understand it, and I may or may not put you on ignore ASAP ;) . Good day.

    Think – why is that the first title?

    Though I’m not a Christian obviously, through no fault of mine, today is 21st November, Feast of the Presentation of the B.V.M. , as this is mine.

    This story thread is primarily devoted to lemoncookie, it’s 25 A4 pages in 7 parts and literally took about 9 years to write properly. Poor Linds is trying to have a relationship with God and break her old habits, ways and self. I was very touched by this. Wherever you are lemoncookie, I hope you are safe and not suffering too much, you really helped me, I hope that 12 step link I gave you helped you somehow. Thank-you, from the bottom to the top of my heart, for your resplendently kind words and everything you did for me :heart: It is also devoted to all the people I’ve ever hurt so deeply in my life. If you ever read this some day, it wasn’t my fault, I had no choice, I was controlled like a shard of glass in a vice that eventually snaps and falls to the floor in pieces, and I’M SO SORRY. Bless you all, as well as all of you who directly or indirectly cross/crossed my path in this community, Suicide Forum, evil or good, as this is the best community on the internet I.M.H.O. Please do not shift this story, I don’t want it public, it’s all tongue-in-cheek so I don’t think it needs to go to Soap Box.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcOt6mfjxeA (Forrest Gump theme)

    The following song (entities dreamed about this reality long before it occurred and created pieces of many different kinds of art including songs about the most special things here) is about my struggle not to destroy this story:


    Maroon 5 – Won’t go home without you
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    Warning - Editing
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    DrivEthermissIon Banned Member

    Part 2 - Letter of Congratulations to Linds A

    Title - Crossroads

    Hi Linds!

    I just want to say it's wonderful that you are yearning and stretching your arms out to something more.

    Some spiritual people will try to pull you one way, some Atheists will try to pull you the other way, like a tug-of-war.

    Me? I just want to congratulate you for letting your heart guide your ship, the best sailor there is. That’s why I named your poem what I did. I also aim in this letter to entertain.

    No matter which path you take, whether it be one of Theistic Satanism, Atheism, Right handed paths like Christianity, or Middle paths like some forms of Buddhism, there's one thing I want you to look for - compassion. The belief or anti-belief system which has more of it than any other is the most correct one. My belief system centres on the eventual hierarchical reward of compassion, but you won't find my belief system being taught anywhere, and it doesn’t really even come from me, even though I am its source. I really had no choice in believing it, unlike virtually every single person out there.

    Where non-Christians get a bit upset is when some Christians say that everyone is a worthless sinner just because they were born human, due to the original sin in Eden, and this is the shadow that falls over their children, and their children’s children, and some say God/Goddess refuses to intervene, some say He/She can’t, and some say the devil holds the cards in this matter, all due to this Fall and consequential multi-generational spark of shame and necessary penitence. None of these scenarios make sense if you treat the cause as virtually full and complete because an innocent man has done no wrong, no matter his ancestor’s flaws. It’s like when aboriginals judge white people in Australia for not saying sorry. I believe strongly in compassion, but not generational apologies, though I agree it’s harmless and one can apologise for the actions of one’s ancestors, and the receptors of the apology will feel fuzzy and warm and that’s good, but I believe it’s not completely fair on everyone as those people’s time has passed and the burden of responsibility doesn’t fall on anyone’s shoulders but their own, however the apology I believe does promote empathy, but do you see what I’m trying to say? There was an aboriginal woman in the park who was crying coz of a domestic situation. I went up to her and comforted her, drove her to her house, talked to her, drove home then drove all the way back to return her diary. You ask her what she thinks of me if you think I’m prejudiced.

    Maybe Edgar Cayce’s version of Adam and Eve was correct. Edgar Cayce was a famous early 20th century psychic who used to go into trances and let his spirit speak, and the spirit would speak of cures, a lot of which worked. As with all psychics he wasn’t correct 100% of the time on things like Earthly cataclysmic predictions etc. but a lot of his cures worked and were truly remarkable, there's still a massive collection of them. For example, a woman was in a psych ward constantly screaming. Her carer came to him, he went into the trance state and said one of her teeth was causing trouble with a nerve affecting her brain, all they had to do was pull it out and she would be fine. So the hospital staff pulled it out and she walked out the next day, fully lucid and not in any more anguish. He spent so many days helping people as people flocked to him that eventually he died from it wearing him out. He was a very good man.

    According to him spirits were hovering above the Earth and other planets as they were being prepared for human and alien life. They were tempted to possess the developing forms on Earth so they could copulate. This was original sin, and the real Adam and Eve. Now if this was correct, perhaps, just perhaps, all the spirits who would ever be born were there at that time, and they either took part or partially agreed with the act without taking part (some of them turned away from temptation and they are luckier in this life and more humble). You might think, why would they do that, it’s so stupid?

    Perhaps they were tempted by black angels who were on a mission to turn everything upside down. You might say why would they do that, it’s so wrong and stupid? They had everything?

    Perhaps there were two soul mates, Lucifer and Satan. Soul mates are lovers who are usually perfectly matched spiritually like ‘star-crossed lovers’. They were the heads of a choir of 13 angels known as Grigori, which is why the number 13 is cursed. Satan experimented and sinned. She ended up in Hell. Hell actually is temporary and not that bad at all, it’s about living a life of a mentally ill and progressively hypersensitive possessee and having some major disappointments but quite a bit of success too – it’s a challenge, not a horror, but that’s not what anyone is taught here or up there, and the Hell entree is never seen again by normal folk up there.

    So Lucifer felt horrible. What was he to do? His beloved was being tortured in the worst dungeon forever. He was taught if the Trinity fell, everything could start over. But it wouldn’t, it would be worse, much worse.

    So he sought to cause as much damage as possible, in the hope that he could rescue his beloved (See Wayne, it’s not all about Christian horror ;) ) His entire choir agreed with his decision, and rebelled against God and good [God = Good minus an o, ‘o’ being a ring, as only The Law is perfect, not God (no offence to anyone)l EGO = Easing God Out my 12 step sponsor told me]. This caused a major war in the spiritual realm where Michael, Jehovah's guardian angel - famously slew Lucifer. The whole choir ended up in Hell, however the twist is, once Hell was over for all of them, Lucifer was able to be with Satan again and they were all able to shake hands and congratulate each other, and yes, soul mates can make love up there :heart: , but only soul mates, according to this belief system of mine. Yes, even after Hell in ex-Hell Purgatory, which is really just a cross between the light of Heav’n and the ‘lacklustre’ physical universe, it’s peaceful and more shady and relaxing (except for the demons who relax in certain sections there, some serving the spiritual rulers as slaves to scare people in false NDE’s), instead of being like a constant orgasm feeling when you are even just walking around in Heav’n, nothing to do with sex (as NDE’ers/past-life regressors have reported - actually they said it was far better :laugh: . Near Death Experiences are usually correct in Heavenly accounts as there is nothing to hide, but often paint a disturbing picture of bull/tripe/rubbish for the negative part of the spiritual realm. If I were to say every single NDE of Hell is false, that statement would probably be correct. Hell cannot be flames and raining sulfur as it would basically go against the Geneva Convention – don’t you think they have something like that up/down there? There are three concentric and expanding spheres in this reality. The inner sphere is the physical realm, which includes the physical universe, and the spiritual component overlapping it which I call ‘The Other Side’. Beyond that is Purgatory. Beyond that is Heaven. Beyond that is The Outer Darkness, stretching out into forever, which nice Heav’n folk are warned to keep out of coz demons go there to chill coz internal sin mixed with external light makes them extremely irritable, and the deeper the sin the worse this ‘spiritual mental illness’. The Outer Darkness is where Hells take place, in heaps of Hell universes, each one very similar to this one and created for the single purpose of the purification of a single entity. Once that entity is freed and goes to a waiting area where he or she is greeted by friends and waited on in secret by angels, the universe quickly collapses and all other entities besides the central focus possessor and the possessee return to Heav’n, that particular mission complete for every one of them, there are massive reserves of them all.) The reason why Hell is taught to be so tough is because it’s a safety mechanism again to limit power. The non-aware universal controller of Laws is an active deceiver, again to promote suffering, explained elsewhere in this letter. But nothing and no-one is as pure in good as it, it is perfect and flawless, the only thing that is.

    The effects of such a deep level of sin, for all 13 members of the choir, caused generations of suffering, wide-spread horror and many, many curses, two being death and physical pain. It was the curse of the sin which caused this, in order to limit the power of human beings and aliens so that most would not come anywhere near as close to the potential of the original abuse of spiritual (rather than physical) power again. It is a safety mechanism.

    However, that is not the full story, as it is still not very fair at all on human beings. As I will explain, the system of curses and sin here is designed not to punish, or even challenge, but to promote suffering, and that suffering is a tool.

    The reason why some aliens are attractive and some are hideously ugly is because of the type of Eden-type Fall on their individual planets. The reason Earth is ‘God’s footstool’ is because more repented (self-violently) on Earth than anywhere else, whereas on the planets of Greys, more fell and for Nordics/attractive-aliens less fell. I think I saw the user ‘lightbeam’ joke and ask someone if they believed in alien abduction too, sorry if I’m mistaken. I have seen the trauma caused by events like that from mature girls near my age to grown middle-aged men, they are in shock and they cry and they scream, and they talk normally yet with a lot of shock, I mean…anyway.

    People say it’s hypnagogic trances they are confused with, trust me I’ve been in hypnagogic trances a few times, only an absolute idiot would confuse the two and be traumatised by it. I’m not talking about those who don’t believe I’m talking about the abductee being confused, which sounds silly to me.

    I’ve seen documentaries where several squad cars and police officers have seen these things, and when others say it’s not a spacecraft whether from the military or not, the police officer really wants to punch that guy out coz they have no idea and weren’t there and have fellow officers who saw the same thing in different locations.

    I think the doco (not the book which isn’t the same at all) is ‘Confirmation – The hard evidence of aliens among us’

    So this may be a bit out of my/your depth, but…there could be shortcuts through time and space called wormholes http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wormhole . Time travel is not possible as one can only be in a moment once, but it’s faked in ‘time’ wormholes travelling through the universe, where there is a different type of reality in the time wormhole, and a time period different to the one who accidentally enters one, not like actual time travel but where everyone seems to be playing their ancient or future roles perfectly. Like in The Philadelphia Experiment where a ship mysteriously disappeared, aliens have the technology to draw near ‘space’ wormholes and traverse light years of space in an extremely short length of time. Star Trek ideas are a bit silly I think.

    Cool stories: http://paranormal.about.com/library/weekly/aa040802a.htm


    Ignore ‘The future roadhouse’ I did a bit of research it had a few holes in the story.

    Philly exp new revelations:


    Nuclear physicist studies UFOlogy and debunks the crap, supports the rest:


    Some evidence of reincarnation (Jeffrey J. Keene): http://www.psychicsahar.com/artman/publish/article_394.shtml

    Regarding ghosts and poltergeists, when a person has an NDE, the silver cord attaching their spiritual components to their body unravels, and when they fully die without any chance of them coming back, the cord breaks. When the cord breaks, they become a ghost. Poltergeists are spirits in the spiritual component overlapping the physical universe who need the powers of nature spirits to cause physical interaction beyond the spiritual barrier. But they are not nature spirits, and only nature spirits and very, very high ranking angels can do this. Very, very high ranking angels never affect poltergeists because they have a lot of power and rank and wouldn’t be allowed, it would be 5th level sin (see elsewhere) and an immediate term in Hell even if it was well-intentioned. The only time they affect nature is when for example there is a terrible curse befalling someone like a Satanist does something truly terrible, or a teacher says something very strange to his students, and a blackboard might fall down a few times with the wind like what happened to my Dad when he was in class in boarding school, or for example what happened to me when I was talking about black angels being worthless and less than animals and murderers and could never be forgiven (I was a mess back then) at 18 and quoting Matthew 12:31-32, and as soon as I was finished, I was at a coffee shop alone with a friend, and a huge gust of wind came loudly and blew the menu card off the table near us, blew the glass salt shaker off which broke in two pieces, and pushed the pepper shaker in the opposite direction about a foot, that’s what happened guys…all that was caused by high ranking angels, who are under strict instruction not to abuse their powers, like the moderators at this forum in a way. Nature spirits don’t do it themselves, they transfer their power for example to ghosts, good nature spirits to good friends, bad nature spirits to bad friends, they don’t do it themselves coz of the risk of grave sin, which would land them in Hell.

    Also take a look at this website:


    One thing I saw on a doco (not sure which one) and in the above link was that people were blind from birth and they had a Near Death Experience and were able to see. Now you might say ‘It was a hallucination’. Wrong.

    Answer from somebody who has been blind since she was fairly young:

    " Yes, blind people do dream. What they see in their dreams depends on how much they could ever see. If someone has been totally blind since birth, they only have auditory dreams. If someone such as I, has had a measure of sight, then that person dreams with that measure of sight. I still dream as though I can see, colors included. For people I've met since, their faces are just blurs or how I imagine they look. To me, someone like my mother looks forever 30. "

    Source: http://www.answerbag.com/q_view/11187

    The brain actually atrophies when you are blind.
    Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=1006011606233
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    Part 3 - Letter of Congatulations to Linds B

    Title - A poetry of numbers

    I’ll now take a short break and discuss hidden meanings of magickal numbers and stars.

    666 is the number of the beast. It’s alternates are 616 and if you do enough research, 665. I don't have the time or energy to explain 616 and 665 at the moment but maybe if you ask me again...(plus there's a few others I've left out like 999 etc. later again hopefully, plus a fuller explanation of 777, same...)

    There are 6 levels of sin. 666 represents the original mission of Lucifer to bring down the Trinity.

    The pentacle is a pentagram in a circle. The pentagram or 5 pointed star is made by drawing a pentagram, joining all the points of intersection with lines and removing the pentagram. The upside down pentacle:


    has 11 sections, but the circle in my mythology is irrelevant as it really is only useful in grimoires for summoning spells. The pentagram on its own has 6 sections.

    The upside down pentagram in my mythology (keep in mind many Pagans will strongly disagree with me on things like this but this is according to my mythology, and I believe their definitions are too convoluted) represents the 6 levels of sin.

    I will now define the 6 levels of sin. These definitions are again completely different to the Christian and Jewish definitions you will find in Wikipedia, here they are just headers for the type of sin, and represent depth of evil, no more, no less, according to my mythology.

    I’ll put them in reverse order, from worst (centre of pentagram) to lightest.

    6th - Total depravity, 5th – Original sin, 4th – Eternal sin, 3rd – Blasphemy, 2nd – Mortal sin, 1st – Venial sin

    6th and 5th – Transmogrify the soul
    4th and 3rd – Blacken the soul
    2nd and 1st – Grey the soul

    6th and 5th – Affect generations with curses
    6th – 3rd – Can only be forgiven if there is serious spiritual damage like soul shock, it requires a stay in spiritual hospital in Purgatory upon death.
    2nd and 1st – Easily forgiven

    At the moment, 6th level sin is only committable by the 4 members of the Spiritual Royal Family. It is known as Good-Conquering-Sin, because it conquers and destroys good in a huge way, but that will never occur, I don't care what any Luciferian or doomsdayer says. But if you read out that phrase like most phrases of evil, it is secretly twisted to show that good will ALWAYS win in the end.

    I recall Wayne saying Christianity invented the devil to scare people. Forgive me if I am wrong on that.

    The Greek god Pan is the leader of the nature spirits.

    I read the book ‘Science of the gods’ by D. Ash.

    Pan appeared to a man in the spiritual-nature community called Findhorn. He opened the man’s eyes and showed him all the colourful, little nature spirits working in harmony. Here’s a rough guide about them, I wouldn’t accept all of it - http://www.crystalinks.com/nature_spirits.html .

    Pan told this man that long ago, he appeared in the forest to someone on purpose, and that man was so frightened that he painted him, and this became the devil’s image in certain segments of society.

    I’m not sure if it said this, but I believe that was to reduce the damage and curses caused to good by worship of the devil in Theistic Satanism.

    In the Inquisitions ‘men of faith’ tortured people who weren’t really witches, and used the false info gained during torture to persecute innocent others, I also read a story of a priest being tortured by them, and while he was, he prayed, and when he died he was still praying. And the RCC beatified murderers and Inquisitors into Saints, and last time I checked they hadn’t corrected this, anyone got updates? But here’s some beauty from the Bible (I think Chargette will be grateful hopefully :hugtackles: this is for you too) :

    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Corinthians+13&version=NIV

    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Luke+6:31&version=NIV

    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Matthew+5:1-12&version=NIV

    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+12:28-31&version=KJV

    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm+23&version=NIV

    Song made from it –The Lord is my shepherd


    Source: http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+40:30-31&version=NIV

    Song made from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4rRea9qnjK4

    On Eagle’s Wings/Michael Joncas

    Here’s the prayer of my Confirmation Saint (my parents made me go to a Catholic All Boys College, I was dazzled by his life as a young boy) – The Prayer of St Francis (of Assisi)
    Here’s a song made from it:


    ‘Make me a channel of your peace’ by Daniel O’ Donnell

    And here’s one you 12-steppers might like

    Prayer that was taken to the moon:

    ‘I am there’ by James Dillet Freeman

    The man had devoted his life to serving others, along with his wife, and she got cancer, and he was really crying and upset but kept his faith and was rewarded with this poem from above.

    One of the best poems ever written:

    ‘The Invitation’ by Oriah
    It’s on the left of the page.

    My fav Obama Inauguration poem:

    ‘Praise song for the day’ by Elizabeth Alexander

    Footprints poem: http://www.wowzone.com/fprints.htm

    My fav Desiderata version:

    http://www.suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=72449 Tobes Don’t Quit poem, my Dad’s fav though he didn’t know it had 4 verses, he only knew the first and last – Well done Tobes. Excellent.


    Five for fighting – The riddle – Took singer 18mth to write…


    And a special song to end this chapter:

    Tool - Lateralus - Fibonacci video, most creative heavy/progressive/math metal ever made – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS7CZIJVxFY

    N.B. I didn't put the Seek and ye shall find section because that is not really meant to be braodcast too much (by me at least), it's a very personal section of the New Testament, and after that terrible thing happened at the coffee shop, it's what I read to my friend because I was so shocked, and it healed some of the damage caused.
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    Part 4 - Letter of congratulations to Linds C

    Title - Love and true beauty

    ***Anyway, sorry for the interruption! :)***

    The main number of Heavens defined by spiritualities is usually 7 or 10. This is because the highest 3 echelons used to be reserved for the stepped Trinity, but things have changed. These 3 levels are part of the 7th Heaven.

    The Star of David is a 6 pointed star created in the same way as the Pentagram, but in a hexagon. The 7 sections represent the 7 Heavens in my mythology, but again, students of Judaism will disagree. The centre section represents the 7th Heaven.

    Jesus is pictured usually with a Sacred Heart, and BVM (Blessed Virgin Mary) with an Immaculate Heart.

    The former was given to Jesus when His heart broke when God turned away, and He cried out in faith. It was given as a healing substitute and reward for the spiritual damage caused by His broken heart due to the trauma of His crucifixion.

    The latter was given to Mary upon Her Heavenly Coronation, and stripped Her (like the Trinity) of her romantic matches (until this reality ends) because the life of a member of the Spiritual Royal Family must be ascetic. The Immaculate Heart gives them strength to be rulers and tougher in good.

    Dan Brown’s book and movie were about the specialness of Mary Magdalene. From research into things like Magdalene.org you will find that she really was not a ***** at all, she was a leading disciple.

    I believe she fell in love with Jesus fairly innocently and tried unsuccessfully to make Him fall in love with her.

    As this was spiritually forbidden, a curse fell on her future, and she was forever known in this way by most Christians. 22 July is her feast day. If you spell that in letters according to the date format of my location it’s VG, which can represent Viagra or a sexual part of the female anatomy.

    The number 777 represents the mission of good – for the Trinity (well it’s now 7777 obviously) to reach the peak of Heavenly evolution, so that evil is conquered by good and this reality has a false inner-reality excuse for ending. The real reason is that there are 21 portions of time split into 3 equal groups of 7 acting behind this reality, these finally end as we wake up from our deep sleep, our special ‘physical’ evolution over and everyone celebrating a form of 21st birthday forever…

    Many have heard of soul mates, but there are many other types of mates, and everyone has many of these mates except for those with Immaculate Hearts. If you are male, many of these mates are correct. If you are female, only one is correct. In either case, only one is amplified heavily, this is usually the soul mate. But many people go lifetimes without bumping into their soul mate. Many females don’t even have a soul mate. But every male without an Immaculate heart has a soul mate. These mates are different from what acts behind this reality. What acts behind I will call True loves and Truest loves. If they are superimposed, there will be fireworks. If not, expect even minor problems. Warning: It has to be perfect to be a perfect match, a fairytale love story.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTCxxH82DEo – Papa Roach – Time and time again

    The name of the Holy Spirit you will only get from me. Her name is Christine Faris. She is the Only Begotten Daughter of God. And in this reality, no-one has a more beautiful physical (when she appears physical) appearance than her. She has the palest of skin. Long, flowing, strawberry hair. Sparkling green eyes. She’s wide in the best areas. Really tall. Outward-slanting compassionate eyes. And she speaks with a receptionist-type-rich-American-accent.

    You see, in Heav’n, you can choose what appearance you want to look like. They did some research and found that Jesus would have looked like he was very ugly in His time. However, in Heav’n He looks like those romanticised portraits of Him – a real stunner. The most attractive versions of us, whether in Heaven, on Earth, or in our minds, hearts and dreams, is what we most likely will look like one day in the New Age.

    Michael (m) of Peace, Gabriel (f) of Miracles, Raphael (m) of Healing and Uriel (m) of Purity are the guardian angels of God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit and Mary respectively.

    The 6 sections of the positive Pentacle (again this will be a gross difference with well-read Pagans, all respect to them and all spiritualities) according to my mythology represent, from Centre to least important in terms of this reality, Awareness, Heart, Soul, Will, Aura and Body. Will is a spiritual component, made of malleable light. It can be destroyed ie. bending and breaking your will, though usually when that is said it is not as serious as that, we are talking about real stone-cold trauma here, and in the spiritual reality overlapping this place it can sound anywhere from a few huge mirrors smashing against a wall at an incredible speed to an explosion ripping right through this reality, for some of the wounds I’ve suffered.

    I believe those above don't intervene as much as they should because they themselves have to follow a strict code of morality and obedience, and if they broke these Laws and intervened, they would cause a tremendous amount of harm. Why? Because the system is twisted to promote suffering and uses the most pathetic excuses to do this even from this story’s perspective, that’s why it never makes sense – because it’s not meant to, this reality is flawed and finite, it’s the reality behind this one which is the correct one (like in the movie The Matrix how all the people are locked in an electrical sleep of shady dreams their whole lives and share a massive co-dream while the AI’s rule – that was about this! Guess who’s Neo/Keanu Reeves ;) ), the True one (like True loves) where we’ll open our eyes and go ‘Oh…now I see, I was asleep! Wow I’m awake now, it’s all different! I can do whatever I want…anything! That’s so cool!’ Think about it – who or what can ultimately decide what is Good and what is Evil? The creator of these Laws has universal power and is all-seeing and all-knowing and all-controlling because essentially it is Time itself, and would not thus ever get corrupt or lack enough power to compute such depths and magic as it has no awareness, that is why it is perfect, that is why each star is in place so perfectly (how many are there again? More than all the particles of sand on all the beaches in the world according to renowned, passed, Agnostic, astronomer Carl Sagan), why each soul can love and experience so perfectly and why everything and everyone so perfectly stretches out into infinity, the aware ones deeply longing for freedom and truth. This catch 22 essentially saves those above from being unfairly judged by doubters who lack the knowledge and power to be able to decipher secrets such as this. Also, a perfect AI force behind everything explains the perfection in everything, as God/Goddess cannot be a computer I say elsewhere, and that is how many paint Him/Her to be when they say He or She is all-knowing and all-seeing, it just makes no logical sense to me, how can an awareness be a computer, no matter how advanced? Angels deliver grace to entities and are instruments and channels, each living entity is assigned one, most act from Heav’n due to the lack of space, it’s a massive spiritual computer network system like on that Jim Carrey movie Bruce Almighty. Think about if humans were running it, wouldn’t they do it that way? Those above are merely semi-humans made of a malleable and sometimes physical form of light who are a bit smarter and more loving if they lack the impurities of the stain and transmogrification of sin. Angels are the eyes and ears of the spiritual rulers via these computers, thus God is all-knowing and all-seeing in this way.

    You must realise, this reality is designed to promote suffering. Just coz one's life is 'ok' doesn't mean there hasn't been quintillions (way too small a number - would be closer to a googleplex) of experiences of pretty bad suffering in this reality, whether one is born a dustmite or a Lind ;) .

    Some will say it's all physics, as I said elsewhere if it were I'd probably have killed myself long ago, I wouldn’t have much choice at all, my life has absolutely nil value in and of itself, my body and brain are literally decaying with the effects of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, there is no cure, believe me I've tried so much to fix myself, and I’m only 29, but it's progressing quite rapidly now, but screw it, you read my After Effects thread http://www.suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=71315 and here’s other parts of my medical history http://www.suicideforum.com/showthread.php?t=71855 , one future will conquer the other, and I'll be fine, I still carry the magic of the gifts given from above on my 21st, it's the only thing that keeps me sane and keeps me going and able to cope - take that away - I'll kill myself straight away, I got nothing else holding me here, my parents can scream and weep until they're blue in the face, so can all of you, you guys have no idea what it's like to experience MCS, even one strain as easy to bear in the short-term as mine due to my loving parents, my intelligence and research, and some negative changes and surrenders in my life, as well as this community. I can cope for now, but not for long. I think you know what that means, you want to call me foolhardy, go ahead, you name another story like this and I might believe you.

    'Body Crumbles' by Dry Cell


    ‘The Riddle’ by Nik Kershaw


    That video above reminds me of my childhood.

    ‘Wouldn’t it be good’ by Nik Kershaw


    But I believe that suffering is preparing us for something, and that this reality was predestined in a massive spell and dream we all share (the suffering here is powering a spell which causes changes in us as we sleep not in our beds but in a sleep behind this reality with free will being an illusion and every action and experience being predesigned and predetermined by a testing process I will describe soon, so that we become perfect, like a very long medical operation), which is why it doesn’t really matter the sequence of spiritual events so if Pagans or Atheists try to sway you by saying certain belief systems are very similar to and pre-date Christianity this is why, such as the gods Adonis and Mithra and Osiris having lives similar to Jesus’ in other mythologies, the power of His Birth, Death and Resurrection travelled in this predestined spell-way forwards and backwards in time as He was so special being God’s Only Begotten Son (doesn’t mean He/Jehovah didn’t have a Daughter too – think about it!). A perfect future, where everyone will have someone exclusively, perfectly and romantically to belong to, where we will be as attractive as our heart desires, where we will be able to enter worlds where the laws of physics are broken (we'll be able to fly and win any game of chance and freeze the location we are in so if it's raining we and those around us will be able to touch the suspended raindrops, like in this video:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxSZtQfjYc8 - 'All you wanted' by Michelle Branch. God I’ve hurt so many people ._. . Anyway…

    …we'll have the best of the best foods and drinks better than even in Heav'n, we won't get sick or fat or die, we'll all own a variety of absolutely massive magical realms, some exclusively for our beloved, we'll have birthdays of any age we wish, and when we make birthday wishes, the broken physics worlds will entertain those wishes in the next cycle until the next birthday (essentially that's why we are told to make a wish here on our birthday - it's all leading somewhere guys!), we'll be able to write stories where those worlds entertain us (or we can let the perfect AI environment control and design it, accommodating us and giving us whatever we desire before we even know we do) and the two most important traits in anyone will be happiness and pleasure. Because after all this crap that we went through, wouldn't it be nice to live in a dreamy reality forever with the boy or girl-of-our-dreams, perfectly matched to us :) , all our flaws pfft gone *clicks fingers* just like that, we'll all be controlled gently and invisibly by the perfect AI to be able to accommodate our lovers and friends in the most fun situations, so there's no shame, no pain, no abuse, no fear, no cruelty, and no religion, only happiness and pleasure for all, our reward for being alive, and I think I'll add even those who don't do so well in tests will have a very nice future and destiny without exception, as every single action here was pre-mapped, essentially making everyone innocent of the worst crimes:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdPUO3i-IWM 'Innocent' by Small Mercies

    No-one will be absent from happiness, pleasure and huge personal possessions and wealth, it'll be a party guys! In other words, everyone will be happy, but the better one does in testing the happier and more honoured one will be, which is extremely fair, and also one will be ranked according to one's level of suffering in total accrued, which is also the fairest system you will find, it's a shame I'm the only one in the world who has thought of it XD. And I'm on Suicide forum...wowee... :heart: If someone else pipes up ‘Well this is similar to’ it may be similar, but this system is extremely well thought out, it’s unique.
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    Part 5 - Letter of Congratulations to Linds D
    Title - Justice

    I believe we will be able to enjoy things there that are smirkable and taboo here, as things of that nature often involve a little bit of suffering for the experience to be real, as suffering powers absolutely everything physical even the best of things, so that they seem real. If we weren’t suffering at all, no-one would be able to live on Earth, or even in Heaven, as suffering is an infection that lies in every single activity in this reality positive or negative, so be careful when I talk about suffering, do not think that I am a sadist. What will happen is that there will be a force in us which will neutralise the suffering in the experience and make the suffering ‘fake’ yet seemingly ‘real’ according to our behaviour, while keeping the pleasure there and letting the experience still seem very real. Because the suffering is neutralised, there will be no sin or darkness in it whatsoever, sin will be turned on it’s head, and we will have complete freedom at last. There will be no religious subservience. But there will be honour and cherishment and respect, the levels given to each person depending upon how one did in the tests soon to be described and how much one has suffered. Our minds and emotions will be altered if necessary by The perfect AI (Artificial Intelligence) Law to make us instruments and channels of happiness and pleasure, with nothing else really mattering.

    I believe sub-awareness is suffering, such as that found in creatures, and that in a flawless system all major suffering is temporary, so they will one day all be like us, and enjoy the same privileges. I believe one day we will all (from dustmite to God/Goddess) be human, but we will be able to live and breathe anywhere. But no this is not Buddhism as I believe the reincarnation species are kept completely separate i.e. pets can't become humans and vice versa! Coz it would be too weird.

    Whereas from recollection, Christianity makes no mention of this future relationship animals may have with us. However Christianity puts the value on forgiveness, compassion and penitence, which I believe are far more important traits in a belief system.

    As I said I believe Atheism is violently horrible to even consider as it destroys hope in awareness continuing perennially, and a death of awareness is probably the worst experience I think anyone could ever go through, I would rather actually be a bit tougher and go through a billion years of the worst torture imaginable, coz the end would be so worth it

    Actually, I believe everyone has gone through something like that.

    I believe that long ago, everyone was tested, long before this reality began. Two tests, one with knowledge of the test and one without knowledge of the test after the first. Test takers were given a grade from F--- to A+++++ overall. This grade supposedly determined the amount of suffering one underwent, and one's destiny here. Obviously one had to do exceedingly well to be born someone pure in heart, whether lucky or brutally cursed.

    The grade also supposedly determined one's destiny past this reality, and the amount of honour one would receive, as well as the amount of happiness and pleasure.

    Both tests tested compassion and the willingness to brutally suffer whilst showing this compassion, and when I say brutally, I mean brutally, like iron maiden torture for countless years. You can see how important it would have been to pass these tests, I mean it would be better to have your bones crushed for a trillion years than fail a test like that as the resulting rewards last until the end of forever (neverending). But many failed supposedly. The blessing was, with failure, less was expected of you. You got to go through less suffering in the short term (amazingly again being a googleplex of years or thereabouts, I’m talking about WAY before the beginning of this reality…) but in the long term you would be disappointed into the eternal embers of infinity. Sadly that’s how it goes my friends, tough luck.

    Yet, the spirituality of the person in this reality is irrelevant, it is really a question of heart. And there is no changing how one did in the test. However, like in the police force or military, if one takes a step forward here, one has already done very well for oneself.

    I'm just a loser here Linds :) . No-one really respects me that much, I mean this is Suicide forum and my life has been destroyed and I'm running away from it.

    But my heart is not running, it’s strong. It's hidden, beneath the horror and the evil darkness and the shame. But when I show it to others, they see its precious light.

    The most important element is heart. The most important tool is compassion. Why is Christianity so precious? Because you will find forgiveness in it more than in any other belief or anti-belief system. And compassion is the only way you are going to find forgiveness of oneself and others. And forgiveness brings the most positive feeling and experience of all - healing.

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    Part 6 - Epilogue
    Title - Questions

    So guys, if you have any question which you would like answered in the context of this belief system, feel free to ask. A lot has been left out coz I was in a rush.

    There may be unknown mistakes in some of this, the author humbly apologises.

    If you want me to have a really cool day, put: "I think this looks fantastic - loved it, very believable." As the subject of your post.

    A few songs for and from a cool, caring girl named Small-Kate:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0dIuEFSBcU – Creed – ‘Rain’

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjDojEOiMcE - Lifehouse – ‘Everywhere’

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSwGDqlileY – Nickelback – ‘If today was your last day’

    Also for my good friends Danielle, Carla (who I’m about to post a poem for) and Tam. A special thank-you to missiontohell, Kankuro and ~violet~ for being my new poetry muses and helping me to grow. With this story fully posted for me I get a new heart, as my old ones were destroyed. When someone says something is their baby, it means they care for it almost like their own child. I will never have children in my life, so this is my child for now. Please take care of it. *hugs* . I’ll add to this thread more nice stuff later perhaps.

    Present for Princess Coji - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvMyb1GxFjA
    ‘If you only knew’ by Shinedown

    This thread is also devoted to her. :hugtackles:

    Enjoy. [​IMG][​IMG]to all. Keep rollin’ soldier. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96_4hu5Kj6M ~

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    Part 7 – Poem I wrote in ’02 or ’03 dedicated to user ‘Itmahanh’

    The love she shows to passers-by

    Seeing a dim reflection in a mirror

    Within the innermost, serene chamber of my heart​
    I stumble along edges of cascading dreams,​
    Struggling to follow a winding staircase to perfection,​
    All the while reaching out for hope’s purest gleam.​

    Uncharted eyes awaken to a haunted forest of unlit shadows,​
    As my soul beats in time to the purr of faraway tunes.​
    I imagine, trying to peer through shimmering walls of a daydream…​
    Is my real home an orb of the thousand emerald moons?​

    Adrift, lost on the forbidding paths of giants and wolves;​
    Myself a wonderful girl of rainbowed, healing light.​
    As broken watches slowly die, here I don’t belong​
    In this heavenly blue, and starry world of night.​

    Sometimes in hours of ebony, I fall through it’s outer darkness,​
    Descending through abyss, abbey and time.​
    Constellation shifting storms and tempestuous ravens​
    Plague the scarlet raindrops, falling from my twinkling eyes.​

    I am…the lonely, kaleidoscope sun, crusading through a vortex of crystal infinity;​
    Cool, amethyst, coral oceans crashing on vertical horizons of inner peace;​
    First vision, dazzling through fairytale marbles to a newborn, of it’s mother;​
    And the longing amidst star-crossed lovers, perennially out of tearful reach.​

    More brave-hearted and kind than any xylophonic zebra,​
    I’m deeper than unknown universes, and quicker than all their shooting stars.​
    The truth I wield cannot be even called by that name.​
    My magic treasures exist in legend and realm, so removed and far.​

    Once upon a time, I was yet a quiet-hearted child;​
    Indebted to this perfect day, still – that I am.​
    Through many faces of eternal sweetness, and resplendent, noble honour…​
    My name is only love, and this is my special poem.​

    *This poem and the author's story inventions in this thread are copyrighted to DrivEthermissIon, the user in this community. They may not be reproduced.

    My channel and music (~200 songs):​

    • Bless all of thee.~
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    Finished :thumbup: Comments open.
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    I want to apologise for placing conditions on how you reply. I won't put anyone on ignore, and you don't have to put any nice crap in the subject.
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    My friend said that I should make a separate thread for comments, but I didn't want to look like I'm boasting.
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    I made a few errors in there, spelling, and the Star of David is not drawn correctly by connecting all the points in a hexagon, but I think you understood most of it, if not all.
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    I'm sorry if I've been rude at all, I tend to get carried away a bit XD
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    Actually in a way I'm glad no-one replied - gives me a bit of peace :laugh: . I feel great. Life is magical. It's a roller coaster, but this roller coaster is 10000 feet above the Earth! :brett: *Puts helmet on*
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    **** says:
    I'm reading your post and I'm a little confused by something. Mind me asking a question?
    DrivEthermissIon says:
    **** says:
    Who's Christine Faris?
    DrivEthermissIon says:
    In my story that is the name of The Holy Spirit
    **** says:
    Ah okies, makes more sense XD
    So its just a name you picked at random or..?
    DrivEthermissIon says:
    Can I add your question to the thread?
    **** says:
    Oh, sure. Go ahead x)
    DrivEthermissIon says:
    I got Christine from a movie about possession and demons starring Winona Ryder
    I got Faris from a friend who wanted to change her name coz she wanted to run away from her parents who wanted to marry her to her cousin as she was muslim
    **** says:
    Oh, I see