my abused past

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As some as you know, i've been beaten and raped by my ex alex and for those that did not know, well now all i can think about is the beatings he gave me, its all my fault i feel, as a teenage girl at the time going into the junior year with my abuser Alex, i was cut and beat on for what he says "what i should have gotten years ago, or what i deserved" as i keep remembering these old thoughts its begs the question "are we all victim to someone?" i dont know but what i do know, is that i should have ended long before my dad had to, then again i was a horome crazed teen thinking the the 'loving' behavior and such as really a lie and i feel bad about it, i still have many of scars that tell my story and i dont want to lose them... they are a stregth inside
That is all! Darkdragon44
it's easy to say what one should have done in hindsight. I think that you can be abused to a point where you don't really know what is being done to you, and you don't know how to get out from under. I don't think that you have to blame yourself for being abused

you didn't deserve to be abused

have you tried getting therapy?
its not your fault for the way he treated you at all please dont think that it was ever your fault for all the awful things he did to you he had no right to behave in such an awful deserve so much better than him
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