My Abyss

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  1. TheAngelOfMusicalDeath

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    Red and brown, gold and blue
    Everything, nothing, all I need
    Forever, never, always, no more

    My abyss
    Never there when needed
    Always there when not wanted
    Opinions voiced, and truths kept

    My abyss
    All I want, everything I need
    Perfection, radiance, godly
    Imperfect, disastrous, hell bound

    My abyss
    She is mine, she is mine alone
    She is everyone’s, everyone in the world
    She is no ones, but her own

    My abyss
    She is her own, she was never mine
    Invert my abyss, and you have me
    She is my abyss
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.