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My Angel Love

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My cat Angel is really an Angel.
I have had her for six years now and she is the greatest cat anyone could have.
As a kitten, she would always go up to me and sit in my lap and pur, but didn't care for anyone else at the time.
When I talk to her, her eyes get big and she starts to pur and she actually looks at me(kind of scary to think if she understands what I am saying lol).
She seems to know when I am sad, she will rub up against me and lick my hand.
When I am upset, she starts to act goofey and I start to laugh.
On colder nights she will go under the covers and lay by my tummy and keep both of us warm.
She is my inspiration and will love her always.
Angel is the one in my avatar. :smile:
Not open for further replies.

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