my anxious and ridiculous day

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  1. bubblebear

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    Today my dad was angry. no idea why, im a bit worried to be honest because when hes stressed he needs an outlet, im hoping that won't be me? :oops: fingers crossed. i dont deal with anger well

    i went to the petrol station to get credit and made a fool of myself by thinking i could get cash back wihtout buying anything :( i think the cashier person felt anxious when i got anxious. woo way to go. i went to the pharmacy to get dental floss. that was okay. apart from people randomly looking at me. i think ppl always stare at other ppl though. i wish they wouldnt though.i feel like theyre judging me

    on the way back i passed the same boy who shouted 'HERRO' at me a month back and laughed with all his friends. this time i passed him and he jus said 'HEY!' really abruptly, i didnt respond to the likes of him:cool::( . im scared though. i dont know why im scared of someone more than 10 years younger than me :( .

    feel like my day was like a rollercoaster, iwas upset and scared about my father and then when i went outside i couldn't really cope. icame home thinking i couldnt really cope with a life inside/outside the house. kind of frustrating. i called samaritans and talked for a bout 10 misn before i got uncomfortable and hung up. i felt bit better after airing it out tho .

    i dont know, i feel like im scared of myself. i can't cope with anything. people in the petrol station and chemist probably think im a weirdo. but i needed call credit and dental floss! :mad::mad:

    i think ill study a bit ( becuase im back in colelge in less than two weeks andi know ZILCH), reply to the fesitval co ordinator whos a bi weird but ah well, spy on the kids outside, and then watch a movie on netflix to 'treat' myself. im sad:(

    cupcake :oops:
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  2. Frances M

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    I hope your movie brightens up your spirits. And honestly, I think people are intrusive the way the just stare at everyone else. Sometimes they'll look away when you catch their eye, but some won't and it's so uncomfortable! I remember when I moved to my current place, it's a cottage in a quiet mountain village, it was like something out of a movie...blinds and curtains opening as we drove up to the cottage, then when we looked, quickly shut...people staring at the house, our moving van, our car...the nerve!

    I hope you're safe at home. I deal with anger from time to time and I don't do very well with it emotionally. Hugs xx
  3. bubblebear

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    thank you. yeh i have noticed that some ppl in my village stare too much. maybe theyre just suspicious. but it happened when i was with someone else too so hopefully its not something wrong with me :eek: mountain village sounds nice :) v picturesque. yeh fine, he's angry when he has to deal with me ha cos i dont sweettalk him like my mother does:rolleyes::oops: . but i'll just focus on me. all i can do really

    hug x
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  4. Frances M

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    It is very nice here except on holidays and Saturdays when the "weekenders" come. They're so loud and disrespectful, I just want to wrangle them all up in a truck and send them back to the city! :)
    I'm glad you're focusing on yourself, it's the best you can do!
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  5. Petal

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    Don't be sad sweetheart. You are after missing the most important part of your day, the point that you actually DID go out and DID get things done. F what other people think, you can only control what you do. As I always remind people, your thoughts are not facts and as for that kid, he needs to grow the hell up, hopefully in time, eh :) You got what you needed done which is more than a lot of us do here lol be proud of who you are and everything you do despite having crippling anxiety. (hugs)
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  6. IamTetsuo

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    I liked your post, it made me lol (sorry if that's wrong!). I used to have way more anxiety than I do currently. Nowadays I am happy for people to look at me all they want, I am a miracle of nature and so is everybody else (that includes everyone here BTW). I like to look at the clouds and the trees and I like to look at the people so if they like to look at me then by all means.