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My Apartment Complex...

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So.. I currently live in a run down, old, apartment complex. And a lot of the people here have mental issues or are on drugs, or in gangs.

The place is falling apart and we have a new manager who put up these rules that honestly I feel are meant to legally evict almost everyone here and I'm pretty sure this place is going under and the property will be sold.

So I'm waiting right now to have someone get up here to be able to look at getting a better place.

I guess in the mean-time I have to deal with my next door neighbor who generally just yells at the wind, but today when I went to go out, she pushed me while I was locking up my place.. She didn't really hurt me.. She gets cops called on her a lot, but I just don't know what really to do. In my past as a child my next door neighbors were the school bullies.. And just really freaked me out.. I'm still a bit shaky.. And I'm now scared to leave my place.. More so then i was before.. :cry:

Took a bath to calm myself a bit.. Just so much stress.. Need to clean for inspection next week, see my doc the 24th for some pains and pain attacks I've been having, need to figure out the apartment, and now her.. gahhhhhh.... :cry:


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I'm sorry you are having so much trouble. It will get better, trust me. I wish I had some genuine advice I could give you. Will you settle for a :hug:


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So.. I'm pretty sure next week inspections will mean "legal eviction" of everyone because this complex doesn't meet any complex standards or regulations!! The wiring is bad, the fridge I'm pretty sure has been contaminating my food and making me sick, there's one guy whose entire balcony and house is filled with plants and pet birds, it's haunted and I've already been here for a fire and a suicide and I've not even lived here a year, a lot of the tenants have illegal drugs, I've heard about gangs in the area, The walls aren't up to regulations in thickness, and they might contain lead paint.

(Most the people here are in programs like luke-dorf and the one I'm in called lifeworks)

Most of the people living here are drug addicts and the severely mentally unstable. (about 95%)

So this place is the ghetto, wait... Its WORSE then the ghetto!

So, if not on next week you will know I'm evicted and searching for a place to live with my friend who also lives in this complex. And we will be here waiting for our 3rd roommate and hopefully we will figure it out eventually.

So I think I'm going insane now...
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