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My apologies

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My apologies to those I've offended... it seems I too have bit of an ego problem myself....

I didn't know that there was a forum on this message board called Soap Box where religious views can be expressed.

I know in some of my threads I used the word hell. This wasn't coming from a religious perspective although I can see how some may have construed it to be. I used the word hell because in my mind it is associated with ever-new misery, pain, etc....I used the word God in general too - God, Spirit, Higher Power, whatever you call it, again, no religious stance intentionally taken when I used these words.

My apologies for inserting my threads into this forum - I should have studied the forum better to find out that there was an appropriate place to express experiences that were of somewhat a spiritual nature. I guess Soap Box is that forum.

Hope all is forgiven.



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i dont think it's a problem .. it's just for some of us religion is oppressing well we all know how the bible sees suicide so in turn we see the bible as the total bullcrap that it is.

It's just a difference of ideology i'll try to come by and talk a bit on the soap box forum.

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