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my attempt + time after

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Hi, I used to be a member here over a year ago but told every one I was going around the world. (I told what little friends and family the same who might have wondered about me) This was after everything had got well to much for me and started to crush what little I had left to live for untill I just thought f*** it.

I went into my garage (5m x 2.5m x 2m high) and started up <mod edit - acy - methods> Then got some clean rags out and polish and started to polish the bikes. I started to feel light headed after about 40+ min but carried on cleaning the bikes. after a while I became verry light headed and fell to the floor. I obviously hadnt thought this out verry well as I hit the floor because <mod edit - acy - methods> at this time and then my nabour who saw me go in came over to ask me to turn my bike off as it was to loud. He oppened the door to find me on the floor semi concious. After a bit I started to come around as he turned the bikes off. He helped me up and asked if I was ok befor going to get me a drink of water.

My mind was everywhere and I wasnt thinking straight when I grabed my camping gear a few clothes and what money I had, put them on my 650 honda and just started to ride. I got into North wales when I rememberd about a lake up a old road that was not verry known. Deciding to just go up there I carried on untill I was at the lake. It was verry cold (0-3 C) but was a nice day and was looking to get worse.

I sat there on a rock looking at the lake thinking about everything that had happend over the past 20 years when I just let go of holding it in.
I went up a mud path that was frozen and turned into a forest which was higher up than the lake on a hill. Setting my tent up and covering my bike with a tarpalling I lay in my sleeping bag feeling sorry for myself.

Next day I collected a load of dead old branches and whent for a 2-3 mile run around the lake. not one person had been around and I was caliming down and unwinding. I just walked around the lake after that and spent the time to chill, relax and think. I had no job, no/little friends and a family who didnt care. So after I had such a relaxing time at the lake I decided I would stay for a bit.

Some days were hard. I had not had food for 7 days and the roads were snowed over. I tried fishing and caught little but that was somthing and got a few chickins from a farm a few mile away I managed to last another few days befor the snow had gone and I got down to a siop in a little village and bought fruit and dried food and whent back but after 3 months of heavy rain and snow I decided to go back. (this was about the best time of my life)

I got back home and decide seen I have some money why not try doing the same as I just had but in other countries. I had a great time after 3 months in austrailia living around the beaches.

but on arriving back thing suddenly turned to sh** a few months back and now Im strugling to cope all over again:(
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Hey ste!

Welcome back! It's nice to see you in chat, too! :shake:

It sounds like you had quite an adventure! :) Sorry to hear things aren't starting to look up now that you've arrived back.


Take care,



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I"m impressed you did so very well.
i could never do that.

I'm sorry too that things are rough again once back.
Anything specific or just the lot of things


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Many of us can relate to some of your issues. Several of the items plague me.

I can't believe you lived off the land for months at a time. That takes a capable person. You have skills - you just need an opportunity to shine. You'll get it. Care to tell us more about your current problems?
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