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My attempt to heal turned out for the worse

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From my last post . I was able to push through. I spoke to some freinds and I decide I needed to get away and enjoy myself for a while it proved a big mistake.

I travel to my destination . Went to pick up cigarettes . I let my friend drive as I had a few beers prior to him arriving. It ended up in him trying to avoid a stationary car with no lights on in the middle of the road.

After the accident I saw my car was not that badly damaged. I proceeded to help the gents out the car we collided with. They had no ingeries what so ever but were seriously drunk.

The police arrived and I told him what happened. I explained to my freind to say he was not driving because I was not sure of the insurance would cover my car
it proved to be a mistake. The other driver asked for blood test to be taken.

We we taken to a hospital and blood test were taken 4 hours later.
The took us back to a police station closer to were the accident happened.
And said they going to charge me with drunk reckless driving. I tried to explain what happened but they threw me straight in prison. Yet they released the other man , because they claimed there was some confusion and he did not understand what drunk driving was.

To cut it short. I have to go to court insurance wont cover me , and it was a company car. when this ends I will end up in jail and have debts I can never repay. On top of it in my country jail is the same as suicide . I never leave there un raped or alive for a white person.

I should have ended it a long time ago. Now is my last opertunity.


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Yeah f$ck. When is this streak of bad luck going to end. Gets more and more. Now I already start the new year with a court case..... So looks like nxt year will be hell as well................................................................................

Wish I could just start over in another country.


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know that feeling oooooh so well.

If it's any consolation, you're not alone. I think this year rates as the worse I've ever gone thru. About the only thing that hasn't happened is being arrested, so you top me on that one

So far, my beloved dog of 19 years had to be put to sleep.
My two rabbits died....old age
Lost 2 guinea pigs in quick succession one got the flu and gave it to the other one.
My husband ran up debts that nearly turned my hair white. Then he didn't get paid for 4 months (that was a delightful time).
Then he got me to sign the house over to him so he could get a re-mortgage deal, I do it and 2 months later he walks out the door.
So now I'm facing homelessness with 2 elderly parents and an agoraphobic son...oh the deep joy of it all.
The cockatoo died..old age.
And last week my last guinea pig died of poisoning.

Now that little vent was no way denigrating anything going on in your life, just wanted to let you know you really aren't alone. By the way that little vent just did me the world of good...thanks for your post.

Should you need to talk just send me a pm.

:rolleyes: :bunny: :bunny: :bunny:
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