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My aunt just passed


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On saturday, my Aunt passed away at 75 years of age with family at her side, but heavily medicated. She just found out two weeks ago that she had stage 4 cancer of her liver and colon. I saw her last week and even with her in great pain, she was trying to give me advice in life.

She is survived by her husband of 53 years, 7 children and 51 grandchildren. She played the piano, and violin and was in various orcastra's. She also raised cattle, goats, german shepards, and other animals on her farm.

She is going to be badly missed.

I am so badly confused on life, and this adds to my misery in my life. I expect my own parents to go in the next few years, and since I am single, I am all alone in this world once they go. I really dont want to live alone and am scared about that prospect.

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